11 Reasons Why We NEED To Be In Taylor Swift's Girl Gang

11 Reasons Why We NEED To Be In Taylor Swift's Girl Gang

Cara, Kendall, Karlie; they’re not the only ones. Here’s why we ALL want to be in Taylor Swift's girl gang so desperately...

Some of the InStyle team were lucky enough to see Taylor Swift in Hyde Park this weekend and what an amazing day it turned out to be. What with Cara Delevingne popping backstage to wish her buddy well before the show (we just happened to be there to say a quick hi to Taylor and spotted Cara D rushing in). Not that we had any idea that she was just one of the surprise gal-pal gang that joined the global megastar onstage later. But regardless of her famous mates – Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez also featured heavily in a huge video screens while Taylor nipped off to change – there are so many reasons why we want to be in Taylor’s gang...

1. You'll never feel sad around her...
Always smiling, she's the ultimate 'glass is half full' poster girl. 

2. She’s not afraid to show her emotions (or her vulnerable side)
From that heartfelt open letter to her fans about her mother's health battles to her personal, and very emotional, phone calls to some of her poorly followers, she's never shied away from letting her true feelings show which, in turn, has helped her fans get through some of their own personal struggles too. 

3. She's got a soft spot for the UK, which means she likes us too, ok? 
At her Glasgow gig she declared that she loves 'Scottish people', and she always has a whale of a time when she's in London. So yeah, she's basically a British citizen like us, which brings us only closer together.

4. She practically spearheaded the new wave of feminism
After being linked to some of Hollywood's most gorgeous men, Tay took a break from dating to focus on the relationships that really mattered to her — her friends. You didn't think it was a coincidence that her girl gang is full of, well, girls, did you?

5. You'd have co-ords on tap 
Taylor has singlehandedly kept the matching two-piece trend going strong for the last couple of years, and we wouldn't mind getting our hands on some of her cast-offs. 

6. She’s properly talented: guitar, piano the dance moves, she can do it all! And sometimes at the same once...
We can pat our head and rub our stomachs at the same time, so multitasking is a skill we both share. #soulmates.


Amsterdam, still reminiscing..

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7. If anyone knows how to throw a party, it's her
Aside from the celeb-studded guest list, Taylor knows what floats at a party. Just look at Jaime King's baby shower — feather boas, top hats, paper fans and a mural made from balloons? EPIC. 


Baby shower/major throwdown for @jaime_king feat @gigihadid @babyhaim

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8. You get to hang out with Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson whenever you please
Because fancy cats with last names are the only cats we want to mingle with these days. 


Meredith has been mad all day.

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9. *Those* homebakes
We'll deal with putting on the weigh if it means we get to chow down on some Taylor-made cookies. Get it? You get it...

10. She's a brilliant role model, and expects that from her pals too
Don't expect to see her stumbling her out of da club in a drunken mess — Taylor knows that lots of young girls look up to her, and she's very aware of her influence on them, and the same is expected from her BFFs. So, if you want to be considered, you might want to kick that nightly bottle of vino habit, stat.

11. She's never too busy to pose for a quick selfie
Whether it's Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson or InStyle's own, in-between high octane performances and, you know, sleeping, she always manages to find the time to pose for a photo. Probably the most important trait in a digital age BFF. 

Taylor, what have we got to do to make the cut?

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