You Won’t Believe How Much Taylor Swift’s Net Worth Is… 

You Won’t Believe How Much Taylor Swift’s Net Worth Is… 

One thing’s for sure, Taylor Swift isn't worried about blank space on her cheques – because they’re being filled with so many zeros... 

In recent years the singer has won some impressive accolades including several Grammy’s, Kid’s Choice Awards, MTV Video Awards, People’s Choice Awards and more. 

For the third year in a row, Taylor has made the Forbes Celebrity 100 list for the world’s highest-paid entertainers. Kim Kardashian West is just two spaces higher at number 47. And this year, Taylor moved up five places on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women from 60 to 55. You go, girl!

Taylor started singing age ten and writing her own music age 12. Ever since, the star has performed at sell-out tours and raked it in through endorsements and merchandising.

With a new album just around the corner, we were keen to find out exactly how much her net worth could be…

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift’s net worth is a cracking $280 million (£218 m). But it’s not just her music that is putting a tidy sum in her bank account. 


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Last year Taylor travelled across the world for her 1989 tour. This earned her an impressive quarter of a billion dollars!

Stats from Statistic Brain estimate that, as of 1 April 2017, Taylor’s 1989 album had 6,220,000 worldwide sales. Plus over 33 million worldwide sells of all her albums. 

Since she hasn’t given us a new album since 2014 so it is safe to assume her next one is going to rocket. With new music set for release on Friday, the end of the week cannot come soon enough!? 


Back in 2014 Billboard estimated that on every ticket Taylor sold for her tour she made $17 a head on merchandise. That’s an additional $10 million gross! 

Endorsement Deals 

As Taylor’s fame has grown and her fans have become evermore obsessed, she has been a great candidate for companies to partner with. The singer has done endorsement deals with the likes of Apple, DirecTV, Diet Coke and Keds. 

With Tay-Tay’s popularity destined to grow, we can imagine her phone will not stop ringing with more opportunities…


Last year Elizabeth Arden, the American cosmetics company, reported that sales of perfumes by celebrities were down. This contributed to a 3.6 per cent decline in company revenue. 

While it didn’t say exactly whose fragrances were performing worst, the company only produces products for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. But while perfume might not be her biggest earner, it is certainly helping her bank balance tick along nicely. 
Keep making it rain, Tay Tay! 

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