Suki Waterhouse & Poppy Jamie On Bad Ass Bags & Festive AF House Parties

Suki Waterhouse & Poppy Jamie On Bad Ass Bags & Festive AF House Parties

The best friends turned designer duo don’t just know their way around a great bag, with their name sake brand, Pop & Suki they know a lot about Groupon too, as our Celebrity and Fashion Director, Josh Newis-Smith (AKA Joshington Hosts) found out…

People throw around the hashtag, #FriendshipGoals or #SquadGoals with little relevance these days (sounding like my actual Nana here) but I have seen a better example of the real meaning of the buzz term than when entered the world of Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse. A pairing so perfect they have even embodied Ketchup and Mustard with their tonal dress code for our rendeavous (see above!).

Both hugely successful in their own right  - with Poppy presenting for MTV and Suki well, practically taking over the world - the pair have come together to create price sensitive bags you need to bagsy for every single occasion. Since the Pop & Suki's inception little over a year ago they have shown that girl power is no thing of the past – one bag at a time. Their ‘Douche bag’ - yes they really have emblazoned one of their accessories with the term – is the perfect illustration of how ruddy hilarious these gals are.

Poppy and Suki are two badass women taking over one department store at a time and a few house parties along the way. Ladies and gentleman we give you the designers who not only produce snazzy bags they have bags of personal sass, too. There really ain't no party like a Pop & Suki party... sorry S Club...


JOSHINGTON HOSTS: What would a Poppy and Suki seasonal soiree be like?

SUKI: “I would have a show!"

POPPY: “Every party Suki has ever had she will get a show going. It is always something that no one knows is happening and it will be a complete surprise.”

SUKI: “I have turned my house into a night club twice! One time I had lightening put into showers so performers could be in shower and I had a cake that people came out of. Another time I had The Box come to my house- I like to get something sassy going.”

POPPY: “However if I throw a party I am the most anxious person ever, I think no one is going to turn up, I think that everyone is going to leave after two hours…whereas when a Waterhouse throws a party it goes off!”


JOSHINGTON HOSTS: Who gifts the best presents?

SUKI: “My sister always gets me really great presents - last year she gave me a pillow with my face on it! But this year I am going to get everyone gene testing, it’s only like thirty-five quid!”

POPPY: “Suki loves Groupon, too! She was going to get a toothbrush supply or something!”

SUKI: “But I can tell you something even if you click unsubscribe they still will email you- it’s like Scientology!”


JOSHINGTON HOSTS: Who is the good cop and who is the bad cop in the relationship?

POPPY: “I am the bad cop, I get hated by people because if I don’t like something I will just tell them. I am just more direct and more reactive.

SUKI: “But on the other hand if she doesn’t like the way her hair and make-up is done she will say to the people, ‘Oh my god, it’s amazing, you killed it!’”

POPPY: “Once a director wanted me to kill Suki in a video to promote the brand and that didn’t make any sense because we are a friends brand!”

SUKI: “That was actually such a good lesson for me as it made me realize how much some people don’t want to listen to women sometimes. Even after Poppy said it wasn’t right for our brand he carried on trying to do what he wanted to do.”


Camera Bag, £180, Pop & Suki

Pop & Suki

JOSHINGTON HOSTS: How do you negotiate being girl bosses?

SUKI: “Having this brand is so interesting because when we face situations like that (with the male director) it’s like a new opportunity to push through and be assertive. It’s really taught me to tell people what I think which I didn’t tend to do throughout the rest of my life before!”

POPPY: “I believe that we are all bosses and that genders should be unified. I definitely think it has pushed us and challenged us to say, ‘this is our brand and this is what we think!’ At school you are never taught to say something you honestly think because in a way you are fearful of confrontation. You also live in fear of vocalizing a bad idea so with us we believe there is no such thing, even the interns are allowed to contribute and bring ideas to the table because you never know where the next great idea could come from. To nurture that collaborative culture has been amazing. We are a girl power brand but we want to include everyone.”


Personalised Camera Bags, from £180, Pop & Suki

JOSHINGTON HOSTS: What’s your worst bag mishap?

SUKI: “I stopped buying expensive bags because I literally trash them! I once dropped a foundation on a date when I was 15 years old and it smashed everywhere. I was so worried about my skin because I had mad spots and not having foundation panicked me so much so I scooped it back into my bag and I used my bag as a make up palette. I kept reaching in there - teen story!”

POPPY: “I am forever getting pen in bags because the one time I leave a pen in there the ink goes everywhere!”


JOSHINGTON HOSTS: What have you learnt the most about each other from having Pop & Suki?

SUKI: “We are there for each other in stressful situations so we see a lot more of each other in vulnerable times. There are also a lot of unspoken things, like if I am having a really bad day or I completely overwhelmed then Poppy will be the spearhead - then it happens the other way around. We kinda just know who is stronger than the other.”

POPPY: “I am so grateful - it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. It really is like a family. Business is weird as it becomes like your child. It’s the first thing you think of in the morning and you wonder whose got the baby today or tomorrow. We were just shooting this short film and we produced the whole thing - to work creatively with any of your friends is so great. At the end of the day it’s so amazing to do something together and then get to debrief about it afterwards.”


Leather carry all, £360, Pop & Suki

JOSHINGTON HOSTS: What advice would you give to someone wanting to go into business with their friend?

SUKI: “I think you should really think about the friend you are going to go into business with. I wouldn’t go into business with any of my other friends - even ones I really love. We really compliment each other, Poppy has a lot of skills I don’t have. For instance I will say to Poppy, ‘do you have a town hall in Oxford shire where I want to do a party,’ and she will know it immediately. She knows absolutely everyone and makes them feel so special.”

POPPY: “I get anxious and Suki is so much better at saying, ‘it’s fine!’ It’s a real skill. Also, A) No one makes me laugh more, to the point I can barely stand up after a day with Suki and B) she brings a lot of creativity to the table.”


Camera bad, £195, Pop & Suki

Available at Pop & Suki

JOSHINGTON HOSTS: What’s the best piece of advice you have given each other….

SUKI:  “Poppy told me a quote once which has really stuck with me, ‘you can’t rob someone of their own journey.’”

POPPY: “It basically means when someone is going through a hard time and you have given them so much help but they don’t listen, you need to remember that they are on their own journey and they will always get to their destination. Whatever is happening to them they need to go through it. So if you are trying to sort out your best friend’s love life, you need to let them go down their own path.”

SUKI: “Poppy is also really great when I am down about myself and I think I am sh*t or something she will say, ‘you are not sh*t,’ she is just the spear head of positivity!”

POPPY: “This is why having the brand has been so great for us because to have a best friend being your cheer leader every single day is a massive confidence booster.”

Pop & Suki is now available at Selfridges with personalization available and head to InStyle's Instagram stories to see more from the duo, LIKE, NOW!

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