The Shocking Proof That Selfies Can Be A Danger To Your Life

The Shocking Proof That Selfies Can Be A Danger To Your Life

Did you know that more people have died from taking selfies than by shark attack this year?

We've just heard some incredibly shocking news: Taking selfies can kill you. 

Don't believe us? You will once you've digested the horrifying stats we're about to share with you.

So far in 2015, twelve individuals have lost their life while snapping themselves compared to eight who have been involved in fatal shark attacks.

Wondering how taking a shot of yourself posing at the top of a snow-covered mountain or perched on a famous bridge could possibly be so dangerous?

When it comes to the cause of death, falling is the most common reason. Being hit by a moving vehicle comes second.

The issue has become such a concern in Russia that leaflets outlining how taking a selfie could cost you your life are being distributed.

Road-sign style images on the pamphlet include a person losing their balance on board a boat at sea and someone attempting to capture a moving train on camera.

Another highlights just how dangerous taking photographs of wild animals can be.

Yelena Alexeyeva – who works for the Russian interior ministry – has explained why the country decided to take action.

'Unfortunately we have noted recently that the number of accidents caused by lovers of self-photography is constantly increasing,’ she said.

‘The problem really exists and leads to very unfortunate consequences. Since the beginning of the year we are talking about some hundred cases of injuries for sure.'

At the start of the year, the quest of two young men to pose with a hand grenade in Urals ended in tragedy, while a 21-year-old woman shot herself in the head after accidentally pulling the trigger of the gun she was holding in May.

We suggest you think very carefully the next time you see the opportunity to take that perfect social media picture.

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