Sandra Bullock & George Clooney Shoot Down An Idiotic Question About Her HAIR

Sandra Bullock & George Clooney Shoot Down An Idiotic Question About Her HAIR

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock formed the ultimate tag team when a journalist asked the Oscar-winning actress a ridiculous question about her character’s hair...

You’ve got five minutes with Sandra Bullock to talk about her latest film, so what do you ask her? How she prepared for the role, perhaps? What challenges she faced on set? What she’s learnt from portraying her character? These are all interesting, valid questions that ANY interviewer could ask , even if they’d failed to do their homework on the film. Bad form, perhaps, but they’d still have the makings of a half decent interview.

So, you can imagine the frustration the 51-year-old OSCAR-WINNING actress felt when she was asked this question about her HAIR (yes, the caps are totally necessary) by a US reporter.

At the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, Sandra sat down to chat with members of the press about her political strategist character in new film Our Brand Is Crisis, when one reporter chose to ask her how she felt about her character having ashy blonde hair with dark roots peeking through, even though the character in question has ‘all the money she’d ever need’ to book in for routine touch ups.

For real? That’s what you ask Sandra Bullock? The star of The Blind Side? The ultimate woman for women? THE Sandra Bullock?

Ever the class act, Sandra responded politely, albeit, sternly: ‘Sometimes the roots grow out. Sometimes they are grey and sometimes they are dark. It wasn't white—it was an ashy blonde. It was a very conscious decision to show there was a time in which she had money, you can tell by her clothes as well, that was a time she's trying to let go.’ A pretty eloquent and insightful answer to what has to be one of the less significant interview questions she's been asked in a while. Bravo, Sandy…

Less able to contain his angst towards the line of questioning was the film’s producer and Sandra Bullock’s former close pal and former co-star, George Clooney, who shut the interviewer down with an response of his own: ‘Aren't you glad you asked that question?’


Now, at InStyle, we’re ALL for a celebrity hair transformation. However, we’d like to think that, should we find ourselves sat opposite acting elite like Sandra and George, we’d be able to come up with better things to say than a debatable analysis of a character’s salon routine, or lack there of.

This whole event once again demonstrates the importance of the #AskHerMore campaign, which Hollywood’s leading ladies have championed since it went viral during awards season at the start of the year.

The movement calls for reporters, journalists and members of the media to ask famous women questions other than the generic ‘Who are you wearing?’ and ‘Can we get a shot of your nails?’ whilst they’re doing the rounds on the red carpet. After all, we all know we won’t be asking George Clooney about his hair anytime soon, so why should we be directing that question solely at women? Just a thought...

Check out Sandra's roots and, you know, her acting skills in the newly-released trailer for Our Brand Is Crisis below

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