Russell Crowe Is Selling His Undies In ‘Divorce Auction’

Russell Crowe Is Selling His Undies In ‘Divorce Auction’

Get those pennies out, ladies.

Oscar winning actor, Russell Crowe is selling off his collection of film memorabilia. So get your purses open and at the ready, ladies.

The star is currently going through a lengthy divorce with his wife of 14 years, Daniele Spencer and in an effort to move on he has decided to put a number of items on the market via Sotheby’s.


Amongst the items are a jock strap Crowe wore in a bath scene in Cinderella Man, described as a ‘brown leather boxer’s protector.’ Yes. Really. The listing comes with a letter from Crowe himself verifying the provenance of the piece of underwear.

The jock strap is set to sell for around $600 dollars and we are sure there are many thirsty AF Russell fans that will be willing to pay the price.


Such Crowe keenos include none other than Ed Sheeran who is said to be VERY keen to get his mitts on Crowe’s sword from the iconic film, Gladiator. But rest assured, as a source close to Ed told The Sun, “he is planning to display it somewhere in his home, rather than actually use it to play around with.” Safety first, Sheeran.

The sword itself is set to sell for £2000, which is practically small change for the Shape of You hit maker.


Don’t mind us whilst we go getting our bidding baton...

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