Game Of Thrones Star Rose Leslie Told Us How She Thinks The Show Might End

Game Of Thrones Star Rose Leslie Told Us How She Thinks The Show Might End

Find out what happened when we ran a few fan theories by ex-GOT and Luther star Rose Leslie

So we've just found out if Jon Snow made it past that season finale, but what did ex-Game Of Thrones star Rose Leslie predict? Read on to find out what happened when we asked the star of our January fashion shoot how she thinks the show will end. 


Rose Leslie talks rejection, red carpet and Game of Thrones plot spoilers

Rose Leslie is telling me about her reign of terror as a child. ‘I’m number three out of five siblings, so I had power over the youngest two. I’d force them to put on plays and I was always the lead character in everything thing we did.’ That determined work ethic has paid off: after coming to TV viewers’ attention in Downton Abbey, the 28-year-old famously went on to play fiery Ygritte in Game Of Thrones, and now she’s courting international stardom. You’ll next see her as straight-talking detective Emma Jones in Luther, plus she has a starring role in new sci-fi movie Morgan. Not bad for a girl who was rejected from every university she applied to…

You grew up in a castle in Scotland, which sounds very fairytale – was it?
‘It was an idyllic childhood. My parents would send us out for the day, we had lots of freedom – we were running around, climbing trees and exploring. Going back is still an escape.’

Was anyone surprised when you told them you wanted to pursue acting as a career?
‘I couldn’t get into university to study drama because my A-levels were so bad, so I decided drama school was the next step. I think my family were kind of taken by surprise – they were like, “Oh this isn’t just a phase”.

Do you remember where you were when you learned you’d won the part of Ygritte?

‘When I left Downton Abbey, I asked Laura Carmichael [who plays Lady Edith] what she did between jobs and she recommended that I contact the GP surgery where she’d temped as a secretary. So I was working there!’

Did you know GOT was going to get so big?
‘I arrived in the second season and I was aware of the fandom, but I had no idea it would become the phenomenon it is now. I did know I was stepping into a show that was always going to have a certain level of quality, with great writing and directors. That’s the recipe you need for a long-standing TV show.’

What do you make of the rumours flying around that Danny and Jon Snow are actually related?
'Well, I think it’s a bit of a giveaway that it is a song of ice and fire. Could it be that John Snow has Targaryen blood? I think that that’s an incredibly plausible theory.' 

We bet there’s going to be a few people sleeping with the lights on after watching the new Luther…

‘I know, I’m sorry! There was a lot of fake blood on set. It’s pretty gruesome.  But if you’re catching a cannibalistic killer, things are going to get gnarly, to say the least.’

What did you like about playing a detective?
‘I’ve been watching Luther since the beginning. My family adore it, too, so it was like a passion project for me. What struck me about my character, Emma, is that she is an ambitious woman, but not in a calculated way. She has an unwavering determination and she’s hellbent on catching the killer.’

She’s gay, isn’t she – but surprisingly for a TV show there’s no big deal made about it?
‘I love that’s she’s at ease with her sexuality. She’s gay, so what? I hope it’s the way that TV and film are going. It should be a sub-textual thing. I love the director for taking a stance on it and ensuring that was how it was played. It’s not the focus of the piece.’

Has a fellow actor given you any great advice?

'Watching Idris Elba on set and seeing his effortless skill in front of the camera…It wasn’t verbal, and I sound incredibly pervy right now, but the way he operates on and off camera is something I’ll take with me.’

You’re a red carpet pro – do you enjoy it?
‘I have dodgy eyes that stream and ruin my make-up in front of flashlights, so at the beginning I was paranoid about the wall of photographers, but I’m getting used to it.’

What designers do you love?
‘For a GOT premiere, I wore a white dress by Antonio Berardi, which fitted beautifully. And I felt empowered by the Jenny Packham gown I wore for The Last Witch Hunter premiere. That is the beauty of the designer – to help a woman or man feel that way.’

What pieces did you want to steal from the InStyle shoot?

‘That fantastic Louis Vuitton leather dress. And I adored the black Chanel number. It was very beautiful, and kind of effortless.’

It was shot in a garden centre, did you pick up any plants?
‘No, but I should have, I need to get some herbs for my kitchen. Everything I wore was pretty tight, though – I couldn’t hide anything underneath!’

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