Is This The Most Disastrous Proposal Story Ever?

Is This The Most Disastrous Proposal Story Ever?

One poor guy is having a very bad week

It's the time of year when every late twenty-something's Facebook feed is flooded with gleeful "WE'RE ENGAGED!" posts. So spare a thought for one poor anonymous guy - who calls himself 'Alceus' - who just posted his pretty disastrous proposal story on Reddit

Anonymous Guy had pulled out all the stops for his girlfriend. He'd spent half of his monthly salary renting out a room and filling it with candles, flowers and (probably overkill but we appreciate the sentiment) heart-shaped balloons. He'd even put on a tuxedo for her. As the disgruntled man himself phrased it - "it was romantic as f**k".

Things started off well enough. After the girl was led to the room by her sister, Anonymous Guy dropped down on one knee to ask her to marry him. She cried and said yes.

Then they all lived happily ever after, right? 

Well.. not exactly. According to the guy's story, the morning after he had popped the question the girl decided she didn't really like the way he'd done it after all and wanted him to 'propose' to her all over again, but this time invite all of her friends to witness it. Treating his original proposal as more of a 'dress rehearsal' for the big event. The man signed off the story with news that the couple are now not speaking to each other, despite the woman sending him an 'apology pizza'.

Spare a thought for any men currently working up the courage to ask their girlfriends to marry them. These days proposals - much like weddings - are increasingly extravagant and costly affairs. Never mind the expense and stress of picking and buying the ring itself, thanks to a rise of YouTube 'flashmob' proposals, the pressure to deliver something planned to perfection has never been greater. 

Here are a few of our favourites from YouTube. Perhaps the girl's reaction might have been a little more positive if he'd tried one of these? 

1) This incredibly elaborate flashmob dance proposal involving the bride-to-be's entire family 

2) This video which shows a man proposing to his girlfriend in secret every day for a year (serious commitment) 

3) This surprise a capella 'I Love You Baby' effort

4) There's always proposing in front of John Travolta? 

5) Or he could have done a bit of serious thunder-stealing by proposing at his friend's wedding, like this guy did... 

Look at the bride's face... In fact, best not to do this. 

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