Priyanka Chopra On Giving Prince Harry Mouth To Mouth (Don’t Panic Meghan!)


Entering the presence of Priyanka Chopra is nothing short of paying pilgrimage to an Indian deity. Indeed with a Miss India tiara, Miss World crown, a string of Hollywood movies and a notable western career turn in FBI drama, Quantico the 34 year-old actress is certainly an Indian Icon in her own right. As a result, if you are unaware of whom Priyanka Chopra is you must have been living under a VERY large rock.

Speaking of rocks… her role in the 2017 Baywatch movie reboot, starring alongside The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron as the badass villain Victoria Leeds, marks her first Hollywood film role.

Never afraid to offer her opinion Chopra has gone on record previously saying, “I don’t say things just because I’m a feminist and I believe in woman power. That word (feminist) has been bastardized; there’s no respect to it anymore. I’m not berating men.” But can a feminist actually star in Baywatch- a TV series that largely objectified women for the best part of a decade?


The former Miss World certainly has a lot of bite to go with her bark when pushed on the subject by Joshington Hosts, “what I loved about this movie when it came to me was, as much as the TV series stood for the objectification of women. This movie objectifies the men. The movie spins Baywatch on its head and the female characters are such strong kick-ass women who are proud of their bodies and actually literally kick- ass.” Yes GURL!

Chopra continues to position the film as a feminist in tone, “my character was initially written for a man. But by casting me obviously I am not even a man and I am not even American! It’s a 2017 Baywatch- of course there are swimsuits and hot people but I love that it stands for: diversity and for equality whilst being fun and silly.”


But anyone who has a thing for Priyanka (I mean form an orderly queue) will be disappointed to learn she doesn’t slip into swimwear (seen above with Adriana Lima), “so I got to eat what I wanted, although my dresses were super tight so I could barely sit or even breathe. Maybe in the sequel I might return in a swimsuit… you never know!”


In the spirit of the objectifying men, in this week’s Joshington Hosts (your weekly go-to celebrity vlog presented by Josh Newis-Smith) the actress was challenged to pick out of a series of famous pairs who she would most like to give “mouth to mouth to.” Well she is a Doctor’s daughter at the end of the day. Welcome to Bae Watch…

The Rock Vs. Zac Efron: The Boys Who Put The Bod Into Bod-ay!

“I couldn’t pick between these two, they are both my colleagues… I can’t pick from the two. I play Victoria- I get both! I get the best of both worlds.”

Photo credit: Frank Masi

Prince Harry Vs. David Beckham: The Prime British Beef

“This sucks! Firstly one belongs to a good friend of mine and the other someone I love and admire. I pick David because the girl code is very important.”


Harry Styles Vs. Liam Payne: The Teeny Poppers Turned Totty

“I take both! Look at them. Harry is such a great musician. They are both so rebellious- they don’t have any f’s to give!”


Dev Patel Vs. Justin Beiber: The Bulking Hunks

“I have seen his body (Dev Patel’s)… I saw the same place as you did, the Internet,” the actress says. But when pushed for an answer, referencing Justin’s new blonde locks Chopra comments, “I don’t mind it, I think it’s different on him, I like that he’s experimenting. Dev is a friend of mine so I go for Justin as it might be weird otherwise!”


Pamela Anderson Vs. David Hasslehoff: Bae Watch Goals

“Pammy any day! She was the icon of Baywatch she was on every boy’s wall and even girls. I was like ‘ohhhh!’”


Joshington Hosts is your weekly celebrity vlog, hosted by Josh Newis-Smith exclusively for InStyle UK


Bay girls personified Pamela or David. Pammy, any day. Pammy any day! [MUSIC] So Peranka Chopra, you are the girl crush of women across the world. You're putting the bay into Baywatch, the badass into Baywatch. Now, we're gonna play a little game with you. We're gonna call it Baywatch. Done and done. We're gonna give you a couple of pairs of people and you have to decide who you most want to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to. God. So okay just to make it clear we're talking about saving their lives. We're saving their lives people. Don't be dirty minded and naughty. I'm a doctor's daughter. Okay. [LAUGH] So we got a [UNKNOWN] put the bod into bodies. That sucks. I can't pick between those two. They're both my colleagues. I- There had to be one. Who would I save? No, I mean have a little sneaky mouth to mouth with? [LAUGH] My God I can't pick from the two they're Listen I play Victoria, I get both, I get the best of both worlds. In this in this life. Now we got two piece prime pieces of British beef. Coming up here. Prince Harry, David Beckham. That sucks, first of all. This is terrible. One belongs to someone, like a friend of mine, and one belongs to someone who I love and admire. [LAUGH] I pick David. You pick David. Yeah. Because the other one's Yeah, a friend of yours. Yeah, so that's out. The girl code is crucial, right? Yes, very important. Okay, next up. Okay, I'm stressing out. You're literally like fan you. [LAUGH] I'm really stressed out with these choices. It's as hot as when you're filming Baywatch right now. Yeah, this is Miami. Okay, it's two teeny popers who turning into complete hot tea. Okay. Harry Styles Liam Payne. Mm. This is tough, right? Who do you want to sing you to sleep? [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] I'll take both. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Again. Two at once, woo! And then finally- And look at, I mean, yeah, if I could have the two, yeah. And also Harry's album's great, you listen to it. Yeah, and he's such an Amazing musician and they're both so like rebellious and they don't have any effs to give. It's great. [LAUGH] And then finally, we have a hunk and a half. He's transformed as a hunk. Dev Patel. [LAUGH] I love how you say that. Transformed. He has, though. Have you seen his body recently? I did. I did. She did. Not like that. I saw Justin the same place that you did, the internet, it tells us a lot. [LAUGH] So Justin Beiber or Dev Patel? I'm not thinking his blonde hair on this, not swanky. I didn't mind it actually, I think it's different on him, you know? I like the fact that he is experimenting, why am I discussing that? I just went on a tangent. All right, so mouth to mouth. [LAUGH] Dave's a friend of mine, so it might be weird, so I'll go with the one I don't know, which is Justin. Okay fabulous. That got me sweaty! My god
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