Zayn Malik: See His Celebrity Transformation In Full

Zayn Malik: See His Celebrity Transformation In Full
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Zayn Malik has changed a lot since he first auditioned for The X Factor in 2010 - see his style tranformation in full here

Zayn Malik’s fashion sense has gone from neon green onesies to Saint Laurent leather jackets in just five years, and we can’t quite believe how cool the Bradford boy has gotten.

Zayn started out on the The X Factor 2010 in baggy jeans, coloured zip-up hoodies and grey tracksuit bottoms, branching out with a checked shirt and leather bomber jacket every now and again. Making his TV debut when he was just 17, Zayn’s casual off-stage garbs morphed into skinny suits and blazers (over hoodies?!) on stage, as One Direction made it all the way to the X Factor final 2010.   

In those first two years of One Direction's global takeover, Zayn Malik was a big fan of the graphic tee and beanie look, with a varsity jacket in every colour of the rainbow. He also started suiting up in 2012, adding skinny trousers and slim-line blazers to his tour-drobe. This is around the time that blonde quiff made its first appearance, too.

We should have seen the signs. Whenever a boyband member starts upping their fashion game, it’s obvious they’ve got their eye on a solo career. The fitted white shirts, studded denim jackets and ribbon neck-ties were so OBVIOUS! Still, we were shocked when Zayn called it quits with One Direction in 2015. But that major loss for Directioners was a great thing for Zayn's fashion sense.

In his first outing post-Direction, Zayn debuted a shaved head, before dying his buzzcut blonde for Paris Fashion Week (another surefire sign a solo career is imminent). For the past 12 months, Zayn’s look has been getting edgier with every paprazzi shot – and topless front cover. He’s currently working his way through 50 shades of grey when it comes to his hair, too. Those experimental styles might not be as original as Zayn thinks, though - is Zayn copying David Beckham's hair?

But the craziest celebrity transformation we’ve ever seen? It has to be Adele’s weight loss and style makeover…

Can you believe it's been over half a decade since 1D made their debut? See how the rest of One Direction have grown up here. 

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