From Heathers To Stranger Things: Why Winona Ryder Is Still A Total '90s Stylespo

From Heathers To Stranger Things: Why Winona Ryder Is Still A Total '90s Stylespo
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Winona forever...

Winona Ryder. Damn girl, where have you been all this time?! Thank heavens you're back, because we've really missed you. Why? Because this actress has some serious fashion game, and has been a team InStyle icon for, like, ever.

Winona Ryder’s style has evolved over the years, and reflects the eclectic range of movie roles she’s starred in – and, ultimately, slain.

For many, Netflix’s recent spooky smash Stranger Things might be the only thing they’ve seen Winona in thus far, but, if you take a look through these snaps, you’ll see that Ms Ryder has been nailing this fashion shizz for decades.

The pixie crop? Yep, that was Winona. The ‘90s grunger chic? Winona was rocking that way before you were born. The obligatory relationship with Johnny Depp? Back up Mossy, Winona forever.

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Whether she’s hanging with pals Christina Ricci or Claire Danes (like, swoon), Winona is always working her own signature brand of glamorous goth-chic. Hollywood elegance meets ‘don’t mess with me’ street smarts, Winona knows how to dress for the red carpet without losing any of her edge.

Even when she’s donning an Alberta Ferretti white puffball floor-sweeper (2011), Winona manages to keep the look totally ‘Winona’ by offsetting the frou-frou with a smoky gothic eye, and Victoriana updo. Gorgeous.

And don’t even get us started on Winona’s movie character get-ups. The power jackets in Heathers? The ‘60s polka-dot wiggle dress in Mermaids? The red wedding dress in Beetlejuice? The all-American cheerleader outfit in Edward Scissorhands? It’s just too much.

Add to that all her incredible ‘90s fash choices and you’ve got one epic Winona Ryder style file. She’s literally evolved before our eyes. And it’s AMAZING!

So to celebrate Winona OWNING Stranger Things, we’ve gotten together some of her very best style moments for you to enjoy…

Literally, Winona Forever…

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