Victoria Beckham, Dancing? Proof VB Can Bust A Move (In GIFs)

Victoria Beckham, Dancing? Proof VB Can Bust A Move (In GIFs)

Victoria Beckham? Dancing? It happened…

Victoria Beckham dancing used to be as rare as, well, Victoria Beckham in flats. Post Spice Girls, VB was all about the uber-glam makeover and chic façade, only ever shaking her tail-feather in private (if she did at all). But now that’s she’s gone all carefree designer on us, we’re being treated to some seriously smooth moves, and we’re so into it.

Posh Spice’s skintight PVC catsuits and tiny black Miss Selfridge dress (nope, it wasn’t Gucci!) are perfect for showing off those moves. VB kept it chic compared to her other Spice babes (Scary, enough with the high kicks), but we kinda forgot how much she DID bust a move, back in the day.

Remember that Say You’ll Be There music video? The one where Victoria wore a black catsuit and gloves in the desert? As well as looking super gorgeous, turns out it was those dance moves that got David interested in his future wife in the first place. The rest, as they say, is history…

So from hip swinging in Wannabe to shaking it to Rick Astley at Eva Longoria’s wedding, feast your eyes on Victoria Beckham dancing (in GIFs, of course)

1. THIS 80s Throwback, where VB let it all loose at Eva Longoria’s wedding

#TBT Wedding was lit... #EvaAndPepeWedding

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#TBT 80's Band was on point... #EvaAndPepeWedding

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2. Yes, that’s the Electric Slide – totally off the cuff and not rehearsed at all…


3. The Thigh Touch: sexy

4. The twisting of the lightbulb, classic

5. Did Meghan Trainor take some ‘No’ inspo from VB?

6. #SquadGoals

7. Mysterious Spice

8. Don’t mess with Easy V

9. Don’t fall!

10. She’s always been the classy one in the group…

11. This time she was 100% feeling herself…

See! Victoria Beckham CAN be funny – and we have the evidence to prove it. From larking around with BFF Eva Longoria to dressig up like a Minion (true story), take a look at Victoria Beckham’s most hilarious moments.    

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