Taylor Swift Wasn't Always All Bleached Bob + All Black Everything...

Taylor Swift Wasn't Always All Bleached Bob + All Black Everything...
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Taylor Swift has come a LONG way in the past decade

Some of you out there may call our girl, Taylor, 'reliable' when it comes to red carpet dressing, but we disagree.

From country sweetheart (sundresses, cowboy boots and pink sparkles); to glammed up diva (catsuits and elegant colour-blocking gowns): Taylor Swift's style evolution has taken us on quite a journey since she stole our hearts in 2006.

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What have we learned? She may favour cropped tops and high waisted outfits but never underestimate this lady. She's not afraid to play around with texture and colour - and she's always got some surprising tricks up her sleeve.

Taylor has become an expert in switching between short-cut girly-girl combos and elegant floor-sweeping numbers over the years - and with legs like hers, who wouldn't rock a pair of tiny hotpants with a pair of killer platforms? But, we've been noticing a bit of a transformation recently...

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Maybe it's her new platinum hair - or maybe it's her LA stylist - but we reckon Taylor's been sharpening her look lately. And we LIKE IT. Brighter colours have been swapped with gothic black lace, pink gloss with dark mauve lippy - and strappy heels have been chucked out in favour of clunky ankle boots.

Is preppy-retro chic out? Is assymetric gothic in? We're not sure but we do know this: vamp grunge never looked so hot. We can't wait to see what else she puts together on the red carpet.

In the meantime, let's remind ourselves just how far the singer's come since her country music days. It's been quite a decade...

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