Sophie Turner: Her Incredible Game Of Thrones Style Transformation

Sophie Turner: Her Incredible Game Of Thrones Style Transformation
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Sophie Turner is the Game of Thrones redhead setting off style radars the world over. Check out her amazing transformation right here...

Sophie Turner is the Game of Thrones beauty we are all watching right now.

With her trademark flame-red hair and queenly profile, Sophie AKA Sansa Stark is the Seven Kingdoms style icon we can't get enough of - both on and off the screen.

Since appearing as the eldest Stark daughter in 2011's first series of Game of Thrones Sophie Turner has been making her presence felt on red carpets everywhere, and we think you'll agree that she's morphing into a bona fide British style icon before our very eyes.

Whether she's working the Oscars or a Comic Con fan event, Sophie is always embracing a bold look - one that preferably sets off that signature complexion. She often chooses British designers such as Stella McCartney, and favours rich colours such as plum and navy to accentuate her enviable pale skin tone.

Sophie Turner also knows exactly how to nail a quirky heel, and often accessorizes her outfits with a statement pump (which we LOVE btw) - this kooky detail reminds us style mavens that Soph' is still finding her fashion feet on the world stage!

And when she isn't stepping out in designer threads, Sophie Turner likes to keep her off-duty wardrobe simple. She's a massive fun of casual monochrome, working simple style game-changers into her everyday look. Denim dungarees and simple bomber jackets, together with white jersey seperates make up Sophie's street chic - and of course, THAT red hair. It really is a game changer.

Hard to believe that Sophie has just turned 20. And yes, Game of Thrones season six is underway *fist pump*

So to celebrate, ake a look at some of our most favourite Sophie Turner fashion moments. May there be many, many more.

We're all rooting for you Sansa Stark. 



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