Kate + Will's Royal Tour (So Far) In 43 Amazing Pics

Kate + Will's Royal Tour (So Far) In 43 Amazing Pics
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The best moments from their trip to India and Bhutan...

Whether you’re a fan of K-Middy and Prince William or not, it’s hard not to be a bit intrigued by the Royal tours — what will Kate Middleton wear? Where will they go? How many pairs of wedges can one woman own? 

With their India and Bhutan trip kicking off in Mumbai, there have already been some pretty amazing pics. Our favourites are from the cricket… She is SUCH a good sport, actually running about and leaping over those plastic cone things you used in PE lessons — all while in a midi dress and wedges. It’s something else.

Here’s the intinery so you know what they’ll be doing for their seven days away…

Day 1, Sunday 10th April - Mumbai

Arriving in the morning, landing in Mumbai.

Visit the Taj Palace Hotel and lay a wreath to commemorate victims of the 2008 terror attacks and meet staff who helped protect guests.

Visit to ancient Banganga Water Tank in the Malabar Hill area of Mumbai and meet people living nearby. 

A posh dinner and fundraiser with Bollywood stars and industry names.

Day 2, 11th April – Mumbai And New Delhi

Meet aspiring young entrepreneurs at a GREAT campaign event, promoting Britain abroad.

Lay a wreath at India Gate, a war memorial in New Delhi. 

Go to the Gandhi Smriti museum at Old Birla House, where Mahatma Ghandi spent his final years before he was assassinated in 1948.

Attend a garden party for the Queen's 90th birthday at the High Commissioner’s. (William will make a speech). 

Day 3, 12th April – New Delhi And Kaziranga

Visit a charity for vulnerable young people in New Delhi.

Meetings in New Delhi Go to Kaziranga and watch dance and musical performances around a campfire celebrating Assamese New Year. 

Day 4, 13th April – Kaziranga

Go for a drive in Kaziranga National Park and meet the rangers. 

Visit the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation which homes animals like elephants and rhinos. 

Visit the Kaziranga Discovery Centre which was built by the Duchess Of Cornwall’s late brother Mark Shand's charity, Elephant Family. 

Complete an elephant sculpture for India’s elephant parade.

Day 5, 14th April – Thimphu, Bhutan

Arrival in Bhutan.

Meet senior state representatives and see a Chipdrel traditional welcome procession at Buddhist Monastery, Thimphu Dzong. 
Meet the King and Queen of Bhutan and visit a temple. 

Visit Thimphu’s open-air archery venue and watch traditional games.

Have dinner with The King and Queen at Lingkana Palace.

Day 6, 15th April - Thimphu, Bhutan

Hike (for up to six hours!) to Paro Taktsang, the Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Attend a reception for British nationals in Bhutan.

Day 7, 16 April – Agra

Fly to Agra.

Visit the Taj Mahal.

See all the best moments, as they happen… (And look back at Kate Middleton's most iconic fashion looks, plus her and William's cutest couple moments).

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