24 Times North West Was JUST The Sassiest

24 Times North West Was JUST The Sassiest

The three-year-old's sass levels are through the roof...

Growing up with the Kardashian Jenner klan you’ve got to be a character, but North West has exceeded any expectations and is actually the sassiest of the whole bunch.

While the others glide around hidden by oversized sunglasses, monochromatic outfits and the obligatory pair of Yeezys, remember when North had no quarms about serving up a pap what he deserved? She was fresh out of ballet class, wearing a tutu and Balmain jacket and gave her first show of celebrity venom. She is THE epitome of sass in this totally amazing (so amazing we’re not even fussed she’s wearing a teeny Balmain blazer) video...


And then she's turned on her Insta-fanatic mum...



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Since then she's been like totally whatevs about pretty much everything - from sorting out her WALK-IN WARDROBE to landed herself role as muse for Olivier Rousteing's new Balmain Kids collection. That girl's got style. 

She almost out-sassed herself at Yeezy Season 3. It was the most talked-about fashion show pretty much ever and while most people were fighting to get a seat in the 18,200 capacity Madison Square Gardens, she was carried in by her model-slash-aunt Kendall — kitted out in mini versions of the collection and a choker. Natch.

And here are some other times she did, too.

1. That time she was not going to smile, even though she was wearing a one-off outfit from her Dad's new collection which matched her Mum's adult version. Maybe she just thought the whole thing was a bit silly.

2. That time she put the SNEAK in sneaking, and was the sweetest skunk in the history of skunks.

3. When her Andre Leon Talley costume looked kind of like she was a Harry Potter character and she didn't even care. Would you if you were wearing those shoes? Didn't think so.

4. When she was not going to look like she was having fun on her 'road trip' even though it would ruin Kim's Instagram picture. What's 50m followers, ey North?

5. When she played Kim at her own game.

6. When she wasn't going to smile JUST because she was with her squad of world-dominating aunties.

7. Or because she was at Disneyland.

8. That time she played football in tasseled shorts.

9. When she was not going to be punked by a woman dressed up as a mermaid...

10. When she pulled off that distainful face, even when she was moused up to the nines.

11. When she slept through this.

12. When she couldn't decide which of her accessories to wear - because she literally couldn't carry them all.

13. Then THIS was her and Kim's 'compromise'. (Good going, North.)

14. When she ate whatever that is, like this...

15. When her wardrobe was better than pretty much everyone else's on the planet. Move over, Suri - there's a new fashionista in town.

16. When this happened...

17. When she sent her first Tweet, though it was probably a mistake, and it got Retweeted over 30,000 times and liked over 44,000. She's two. 

18. That time she went to a ballet class in a pink faux fur coat and a sparkly choker (and the Internet went mad).

19. Thought you had an impressive wardrobe? No, us neither - just an over-full rail and impossible-to-shut drawers with piles of clothes strewn around? Yuh, that's more like it... Then this will make you SICK with envy. Check out North's walk-in wardrobe!!? Kim posted a picture of the 2-year-old surrounded by her garms with the caption: 'It's gonna be a long night...'.

20. That time she was dressed to reign as Elsa from Frozen #squadgoals

21. Doesn't she just make the BEST little salsa dancer?

22. What would you wear to violin lessons (if you had them)? Probably not this, and they'd be all the more boring for it... #OutfitGoals

23. North is a self-professed member of the Little Monster squad...

24. That time she helped to promote Aunty Kylie's Lip Kits. 

Hands down, queen of sass.

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