'I Had A Bottle Of Whisky' - J-Law Talks Prepping For Her First Sex Scene (So NSFW)

'I Had A Bottle Of Whisky' - J-Law Talks Prepping For Her First Sex Scene (So NSFW)

We hear ya, J-Law

Sex scenes aren't something required in most lines of work but, as an actor, it's pretty common - and Jennifer Lawrence is the latest person to confirm how horrific they are.

On the topic of her first sex scene, with Chris Pratt (you know, the one in Zero Dark Thirty and Her who inexplicably no-one seems to know) in Passengers, she got pretty frank.

On Late Night WIth Seth Meyers, after telling the presenter she used to have a huge crush on him and admitting - in jest, obvs - she's a 'predator', the actress spoke about filming it: ''With sex scenes, you don't know what to do. Is it enough? Your worst nightmare: Is it too much? You don't know what to do.'

When asked if actors talk about what's going to happen beforehand, a question we've wondered about for a while, she said: 'You don't, you can't because it's so uncomfortable. What - are you going to be like 'so, what do you think - are you going to like hump me once, twice, are you going to be on top?' You don't talk about it at ALL. And that makes it so much more uncomfortable'.

J-Law spoke about her preparation, or lack of preparation for the scene: 'I had a bottle of whisky'. (We <3 you.)


It's not the first time she's spoken about the scene. In November, she talking to The Hollywood Reporter about filming it, saying: 'I got really, really drunk. But then that led to more anxiety when I got home because I was like, 'What have I done? I don't know.'

It was the fact that Chris is married - to fellow actor Anna Faris - that seemed to get J-Law the most. 

'And he was married. And it was going to be my first time kissing a married man, and guilt is the worst feeling in your stomach […] And I knew it was my job, but I couldn't tell my stomach that. So I called my mom, and I was like, 'Will you just tell me it's OK?' It was just very vulnerable', she said. 

Getting the balance between making it realistic and Chris being married was a sticking point: 'And you don't know what's too much. You want to do it real, you want everything to be real, but then … That was the most vulnerable I've ever been', she said.

'It was weird. And everything was done right; nobody did anything wrong. It's just a bizarre experience.' 

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Carey Mulligan, who was also at the round table chat for the Hollywood Reporter cover, said: 'There's always the things that you think are going to be tough. I've been nude once, and I was like, 'Oh, that's going to be a nightmare,' and actually that was fine […] It's kind of, "F— it, now I'm naked and everyone else isn't. This is hilarious.'

We think we'd be more J-Law than casual old Carey.

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