Mila Kunis: Celebrity Transformations

Mila Kunis: Celebrity Transformations
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Mila Kunis has been in the public eye since she was 12 years old. See her incredible celebrity transformation into the A-list actress we know (and love) today...

Mila Kunis has been in the public eye since she was 12 years old and though she's one of the more private stars, the press she does get is impressively positive.

She first hit our screens in The John Larroquette Show in 1995 but made it big as Jackie in That '70s Show three years later. From there, her career skyrocketed to Hollywood A-list status playing likeable characters in a variety of films and TV programmes. The best thing about her? Her off-screen demeanour is equally, if not more, endearing than her punchy, girl-next-door on-screen self.

As is the case if you go through your teens in the public eye, some questionable fashion decisions are documented. Mila has had her fair share of dodgy jeans, ringlets and lipgloss a plenty, but her natural beauty has always been clear - and she has taken well to the Matthew Williamson, Chanel and Elie Saab numbers she's been wearing on the red carpet of late. 

Though, undoubtedly, she always looks more comfortable in a pair of tracksuit bottoms alongside fiancé and soon-to-be baby daddy Ashton Kutcher.

Check out Mila's drastic transformation, from teen star to A-lister and everything in between... 

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