Met Gala 2016: Behind The Scenes With The A-List

Met Gala 2016: Behind The Scenes With The A-List
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Met Gala getting ready is almost as glam as the red-carpet itself

Met Gala images are the glossiest of the glossy, with those over-the-shoulder poses perfected and that Angelina leg out in full force. But before they were red-carpet ready, celebrities spent hours prepping and preening for the big night.

If you’re wondering how Chloe Moretz strapped herself into those Coach sandals or whether Miranda Kerr did nails or lips first (hint: it’s both), wonder no longer – luckily for us, the A-listers are splashing their Met Gala routine all over Instagram, and it looks pretty glam.

Zoe Kravitz sipped champagne in nothing but YSL Beauty, Kim Kardashian-West snapped a midnight fitting in her mirrored ceiling and Anna Kendrick had a clutch so fabulous it entered the party before her. You’ll see what we mean… Zayn Malik even wore a bionic arm – fashion doesn’t get more tech than this. 

And then there’s the behind-the-scenes snaps of the event itself – Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, Jaden Smith and Brie Larson giving us serious #squadgoals with Louis Vuitton, Kendall Jenner giving us a sneak peek at her hotel room and Amandla Stenberg striking an impromptu pose for Calvin Klein. Fierce.

As for the afterparties… the A-list are probably still partying as we speak thanks to that New York time difference, so we’ll wait to see the after-hours snaps over the next couple of days. We’re expecting feed spamming from Taylor Swift, who co-chaired the Met Gala 2016 with Anna Wintour (she’s loving a dark lip with her new peroxide bob, isn’t she?!). Noticeable absence from Calvin Harris though – in fact, there were a few independent women walking the red carpet solo last night…  

If you need a refresher on all the best dresses from the Met Gala 2016, look no further – our shopping editor gives his verdict on the Met Gala best and worst dressed too.

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