Chrissy Teigen's baby

That face.

Luna Simone Legend (real last name: Stephens?!), we have a confession to make. We know we say that celebrity kids, kisses, Instagram captions and wedding snaps are ‘the cutest’ a LOT, but this time, we really mean it – you are the sweetest child we have ever set eyes upon (excluding any that are actually ours, of course).

In case you need a refresher on why Chrissy Tiegen’s baby is making us severely broody (until they start crying, and then we want to hand the wrigglers back to their parents), we’ve got a little something you need to see. Here are 23 reasons why Luna Legend is the official cutest.

1. On Halloween...


have you ever seen a more "why me?" face

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2. She feels the same way about green beans as we do

3. Those giggles  


4. The day Chrissy Teigen has dreamed of... 


I have dreamed of this day!

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6. She's musical 


7. If Snapchat isn't for digitally dressing up your children, what is it for?

Luna Legend Snapchat

8. Did someone say Daddy's Girl?

Luna and John Legend

9. Her first trip abroad


10. #WANT


11. The Beyoncé obsession starts young 


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12. That time she was a mermaid. A KNITTED mermaid

13. When she was inducted as a Dodgers supporter and didn’t look too impressed


14. She already knows the importance of fire safety


It's just a drill but we thought it's for real #firedrills

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15. 13 weeks old and making her music video debut. Luna Legend starred in Fergie’s MILF Money video, with a Stepford Wives-esque Chrissy Teigen


16. Yep, she’s a Daddy’s girl… 


She is innnnnn love!

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17. Just another reminder than Luna is the cutest celebrity kid we’ve seen in a long time


18. She goes big for Mother’s and Father’s day



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19. She’s an angel. No, literally, she’s got angel wings on. They were sent to Chrissy by Kendall Kenner’s stylist, Monica Rose


20. #FamilyFirst (grandparents)


Granny came from Ohio to meet Luna today

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21. Was Baby Luna really sitting courtside at an NBA finals game?! No. Chrissy snuck a fake baby into the game to cause some Twitter drama (and it worked)


22. Burping, bathing, she’s just the sweetest child



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bath time is tooooo cute! my heart, it hurts.

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23. She just was not there for her Snapchat debut


24. She looked a bit shocked at her Instagram debut too


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25. But we’re glad she’s here

Luna has a couple of years yet before she gets as sassy as North West, or as un-bothered as Harper Beckham