Lottie Moss & Her Amazing Style Transformation

Lottie Moss & Her Amazing Style Transformation
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Lottie Moss is the one girl setting off our fashion radar...and yes, being the little sister of Kate Moss is always going to help you in the modelling stakes right? Here are some her finest style moments...

Lottie Moss has been making waves in the fashion world recently, and for good reason.

Of course, being the younger sibling of the world's most photographed supermodel was always going to get you ahead in the old looks department, but what we love most about Lottie is that she's slowly beginning to pave her own way in the fashion world, perfecting her signature style and rocking red carpets left right and centre.

Having just celebrated her 18th birthday, Charlotte - known as Lottie - has already become one of the most talked about youngsters on the modelling circuit, especially after making THAT much talked about debut at Paris Fashion Week, walking for Sonia Rykiel. She also happened to bag herself a major Calvin Klein campaign at the tender age of 16, echoing half sister Kate's famous CK denim campaign that helped launch Mossy into the modelling stratosphere.

And the rest, they say, is history.

Interestingly, Lottie is considered 'short' by model standards as she is a petite 5'5. But as we all know, Kate Moss broke that rule by owning the runway at 5'7. Another little fact that reminds us that Lottie Moss could be a potential sartorial game-changer.

But supermodel sisters aside, Lottie is actually just your average teenager. She likes to shop the high street (River Island and Topshop are firm favourites), and has admitted in the past to being a bit of a Justin Bieber fan. Who isn't?

Whether it's rocking A-lister events with celeb mates (hello, InStyle EE Rising Star Party!), or just casually hanging with Kate in the FROW, Lottie Moss is definitely starting to happen. And we're all about watching this star rise!

Check out some of our favourite Lottie Moss fashion moments. We anticipate there will be many more to come.....


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