Who Is Leo Dating NOW? His Girlfriend CV In Pictures...

Who Is Leo Dating NOW? His Girlfriend CV In Pictures...
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So shoot him, he's got a type - we look back on Leo's leading laydees...

Admit it – you’re intrigued by Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history. As Sidebar of Shame as it is, it is kind of addictive to think about, and the more secret he gets with his gfs (as the briefer the dalliances) the more interesting it is.

As Leo’s career chart has gone upwards, his taste in women has pretty much plateaued. Not that we can fault him or ‘type’, but he’s gone from nineties supers to noughties actresses, Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret models and twenty-tens TV personalities, they’re all so… young! And hot, of course, but the thing is they’re not getting any older and he is. (His Pussy Posse would be proud.)

Whatever it is – his beautiful face, his beautiful dadbod, his stellar career (you might have heard – he recently won an Oscar?)… Something’s working for him.

After a run of actual girlfriends (Gisele, Bar Refaeli, Kelly Rohrbach), he’s been going through a little casj patch with presenter Laura Whitmore and Made In Chelsea-er Lauren Hutton who both reportedly (disclaimer – nothing’s been confirmed) hung out with the actor.

Really - Leo and Laura? Leo and Lauren? We don't know what to believe anymore. If we're judging on looks? We have said they were probably a thing UNTIL it was reported he'd been seeing 19-year-old Dutch Victoria's Secret Pink model, Chelsey Weimar. (Really, Leo, REALLY?!) 

We were rooting for Bar and Leo, really. She fitted the blonde, beautiful bill and they shared an interest in environmental activism which — as we now know — is a love that's outlasted any lady friend (apart from his mother, of course).

See Leo’s dating history - from 1994 (when he was 20) to now…

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