Kate Middleton's Hair History: Look Back At The Duchess's Best Styles To Date...

Kate Middleton's Hair History: Look Back At The Duchess's Best Styles To Date...
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Kate Middleton’s hair is the only thing more talked about than her style. We look back at her best styles (and her amazing hair transformation) over the years...

Kate Middleton’s hair is pretty much the only thing more talked about than her style. And her two adorable children, of course.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it hadn’t really changed since she and Prince William left St Andrews University and embarked on their life together as the soon-to-be Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But oh, how wrong you’d be.

As well as her signature blow dry, Duchess Kate is actually quite the coiffure maverick, tweaking her trademark style ever-so-slightly every few months, to keep it up to date (and us guessing).

You may think that's a gross overstatement when you picture her standard brunette 'do... but it certainly has transformed over the years, getting ever more immaculate and glossy as she rises through the royal ranks. A sneaky side fringe? Yes, Kate's tried it (with varying success, we might add), declaring she was 'not sure' about her first incarnation in 2012, but growing it out and giving it another go in 2015.

Length? Well Kate's certainly experimented, adding layers to her long locks, then showing off a dramatically shorter, shoulder-length look in November 2015. We're yet to see the Duchess sporting a pixie crop, but the royal varies between a mid-length cut and longer-length locks. Her piece-de-resistance? A mean half-up, half-down ‘do.

And that's not all. There are so many other considerations when you're a Duchess. Kate's required to wear a hat fairly often at official functions - and we all know getting hair to work under those conditions is no mean feat - though Kate being Kate, she takes it all in her stride.

The Duchess also has around-the-world trips, to contend with, too; but even in humid, frizzy-hair climes, she always manages to keep her 'nightmare hair' (thanks, William) looking immaculate - albeit, with the help of hair stylist Amanda Cook Tucker. It's thought stylist will once again accompany Kate on her royal tour - an upcoming trip to India and Bhutan.

Finally, who can forget that time she wore a cowboy hat? (Yes, really).

Look back at our Kate Middleton hair history file, from university student, to fully paid up member of the royal family... 

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