Jennifer Lopez: Celebrity Transformations

Jennifer Lopez: Celebrity Transformations
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Jennifer Lopez is a fashion phenomenon. Check out her style file for her best red carpet dresses and memorable looks...

Jennifer Lopez is a fashion phenomenon. Not only was she outrageously hot when she hit the scene in the late 90s but she still looks almost exactly the same 25 years later. 

From fresh-faced singer to fashion icon and general fitness inspiration, the fash pack have kept their eye on J-Lo's style for decades - and it's just getting better and better.

Pioneer of the sheer dress trend, she's been working bodycon gowns since before Kim Kardashian was even born. (Well, not quite.) Maybe the biggest Zuhair Murad fan on the planet, she wears the beautiful embellished designs to most awards ceremonies. Aside from the Lebanese label, she's a dress designer chameleon, working everything from Valentino to Versace.

And don't get us started on Jennifer Lopez's hair. Not only has she been bronde for basically ever but she's had a whole host of styles, from ombre and long to her recent 'mum cut'.

Check out Jennifer Lopez's dress hits and style highs, from the 1990s to now... 

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