Jennifer & Justin Match Their Outfits For Their First Appearance As A Married Couple

Jennifer & Justin Match Their Outfits For Their First Appearance As A Married Couple

In harmony in matrimony, and in wardrobe – Jen and Justin look the picture of wedded bliss as they attend their first event as husband and wife

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux shocked us all a couple of months back after they tied the knot in a top-secret ceremony held in their own back garden at their LA home, without even giving their guests a heads up about what they were in store for. Sneaky, huh>

However, since they’ve arrived back from their exotic honeymoon, they’ve been unable to contain their excitement at finally being a able to call each other husband and wife. Well, as much as a notoriously private couple will allow, anyway.

After they each gushed about their nuptials, Jen made her first public appearance as a married woman at the premiere of her latest flick, She’s Funny That Way. And while her hubby was MIA at the event, getting our first proper glimpse at her stunning wedding band was enough to peak our anticipation. 

Now, however, the pair have FINALLY made their first official appearance as a married, totally loved up couple, at the screening of The Leftovers season two in Texas. And boy was it worth the wait.

Proving that couples who dress together, stay together (or something to that effect...), 46-year-old Jen and 44-year-old Justin coordinated their outfits to perfection, both opting for top-to-toe black ensembles.

Jennifer smiled broadly throughout their time on the red carpet, dutifully wrapping her arms around her man and subsequently setting the waiting paparazzi into a flashbulb frenzy.

Leaning her head on her husband’s shoulder, this is probably the most PDA we’ve ever seen the notoriously private couple engage in. Ever.

While Justin appeared to be playing it cool, everything he has revealed since their big day has been anything but! Declaring his love for Jen time and time again, he has been seriously open about how much he loves married life, especially being able to officially call Aniston his wife.

‘It feels very touching. I can't remember the first time I said those words but it feels fantastic. It's a comfortable term. I was getting tired of saying fiancée. That sounds adorable for about six months and then you go, “OK, we got to make some time for this.”’

Let's hear it for the Therouxs!

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