Jared Leto: From Jordan Catalano To The Joker, His Most Iconic Looks Ever

Jared Leto: From Jordan Catalano To The Joker, His Most Iconic Looks Ever
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Jared Leto is the dream...

Jared Leto is THE absolute dream, right? We challenge anyone to disagree. His style. His swagger. His movies. That boy...

Jared Leto has gone through many transformations (both on and off-screen) since breaking our teenage hearts as Jordan Catalano in cult ‘90s indie show My So-Called Life (those eyes, those plaid shirts, the curtains… yeah, still not over it), and now that he’s about to SLAY all over again as the Joker in new flick Suicide Squad, we thought it only fitting to pay tribute.

We invite you to cast your mind back to ‘90s Jared Leto… (like you ever have to ask)

Jared was the ultimate thinking gal’s crush. The tousled hair, the slightly gawky fash sense; this boy was Jordan Catalano FOR REAL, and us poor gals marooned in the rainy old UK could only dream of dating a Cali-cool guy like Jared Leto in real life. Like, ridiculous sad face.

Then, the noughties hit and Jared went well, edgy. The long, thesp-esque locks he cultivated for Alexander, the terrifying ‘don’t f*** with me’ role he nailed in 1999’s Fight Club (scrapping with Edward Norton/Brad Pitt… be still my heart) and let’s not forget the foray into rock superstardom fronting Thirty Seconds To Mars, where he got to experiment with all manner of nu-metal garm chicanery.

And, not only has the boy flirted with a menagerie of wild and eclectic hairstyles over the years, but he’s also pretty on fleek when it comes to rocking designer threads… albeit in a typical Jared Leto ‘so edgy, it hurts’ kind of way.

How can we forget the bleached-blonde crop and velvet varsity chic he rocked at the Balmain 2015 Fall/Winter show? And that nifty children’s entertainer-edge jumper he wore at the Suicide Squad photocall in New York? Come on, Neil Buchanan from Art Attack would have pashed on that baby from afar.

So, in absolute honor and awe of the legend that is Jared Leto (and all of his style moments) here are some of our favourite pics…

Which one’s your favourite?

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