The Hottest Male Tennis Stars – Past and Present

The Hottest Male Tennis Stars – Past and Present
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As Wimbledon 2016 comes around again, we celebrate in the most appropriate way possible – a gallery of its fittest players from over the years…

Sun’s out, rackets out?!

It’s nearly that time of year again where Wimbledon allows us to marvel at some of the best athletes in the world, with glorious physiques straight out of Adonis’s handbook. Obviously, these guys are insanely talented sportsmen with a whole host of charitable foundations, fashion collaborations and Gillette adverts under their belt, but when they’re on the pitch, we’re mostly watching their… serve.

But it’s not just the latest crop of handsome chaps we like to ogle. Wimbledon has attracted some majorly cute guys over the years, so we’re going to celebrate them all. From Bjorn Borg and Boris Becker to Marit Safin and Rafael Nadal, even if you don't follow any of the major tournaments, or tennis in general, watching hot male tennis players is still a great way to get your fix of fit guys. And fit this bunch are. Very.

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They have muscles on their muscles, there's not an inch to pinch whilst their legs are routinely spectacular. It's impressive bodywork – these dudes are definitely ALL men. And unlike, say, footballers who *some* seem to have dubious morals, they seem like a decent bunch. You know, family men and the like. Just look at Andy Murray and his pre-baby marriage! He might not show very much emotion, but he’s a pretty great guy.

So from the old-school classics to tennis’s fiercest faces taking on the very British tournament, dish up some strawberries and cream and take a look at our favourite male tennis players we wouldn’t mind playing ball with.

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