How To Do Halloween Like Heidi Klum: Her Genius Costumes Since 2003

How To Do Halloween Like Heidi Klum: Her Genius Costumes Since 2003
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There's no point pretending we can take inspiration from Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes; she's the master and we can only aspire to her totally incredible looks...

Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes are legend. After years of parties, leaving the other celebrity costumes paling by comparison, we’re as excited about the model’s costumes as the evening itself.

In fact, the evening – like New Year’s Eve – is often a total hass, so Heidi Klum’s costume is our favourite bit.

As she hosts an annual party, she’s got the added pressure of being the host but she channels that into basically the most incredible Halloween costumes ever in the history of everything.

Everyone’s got a favourite from her Halloween history… She basically invented the couple costume, dressing as everything from monkeys and machines with Seal, and every year they’ve just got bigger and better. And actually fairly petrifying… That dead body, anyone? Being wheeled into her own 12th Halloween party on a gurney really took the look to the next level (and into our nightmares).

At a time when we’re all bored of the sexy cat/mouse/anything, Heidi’s the undefeated champ as she doesn’t care about not looking glam.

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Of course, if you’re one of the hottest women on the entire planet, the prospect of looking anything but for one evening a year probably isn’t that daunting but serious KUDOS for that old woman costume.

It remains the most impressive Halloween costume we’ve ever seen, putting even the most high-maintenance attempts to shame.

And lest we forget 2015… Heidi gave us a glimpse at what to expect, sharing some pictures of the prep on her Instagram and, in true Heidi form, the process was pretty intense. Think grey gungey stuff, a prosthetic face and a curvy derriere - which made everyone think she was going at Kim Kardashian in her Paper cover days but instead she was a FULL-on Jessica Rabbit.

Halloween 2016 is here already and, with it, Heidi's Insta-unveiling of this year's costume. Her mirror shot, captioned with 'First fitting for Halloween ..... Hmmmmmm........ what am I going to be this year ? Can you guess !?!?!?!?!?!', features a tiny dress and thigh-high boots... Any ideas?

Here are Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes back to 2003, when she begun the annual party tradition… 

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