12 Times Harper Beckham Was Totally 'Whatevs'

12 Times Harper Beckham Was Totally 'Whatevs'

You've got to respect Harper for her don't give approach to life

Harper Beckham is pretty darned sassy. Not necessarily North West levels – she’s yet to actually tell off photographers when she’s getting papped - but this is one little girl who’s not going to do something JUST because of something so minor as the whole world watching. This is one four-year-old who knows her own mind.

We’ve all seen the video – Prince Harry shakes her brothers’ hands and then pops back to see her and she just does not even care, not one little bit.

In fact, that whole day she was not really up for it – the poor gal looked pretty exhausted. She is FOUR, remember. We’re not sure we’d be on sparkling form if we’d been standing around on a pitch in the cold, either - and we're not four years old.

We really rate Harper for her zero f**ks given approach to life. Here are her funniest and most fabulous moments…

1. Standing with some footballing legends = just a normal day for Harper Beckham. *Yawn*.

2. Getting a mani-pedi, and going ROGUE with snazzy mismatched feet... And what?

3. Bore me LATER with being pushed on a swing. And higher, plz.

4. Anna, Grace - mwa, mwa... Life on the FROW - been there, done that. 

5. Just a casual stroll with Mr D Beckham.

6. That time David Beckham got 'Pretty Lady' tattoed on his neck for Harper.

7. That other time he got one of Harper's scrawlings tattoed on his actual hand...

8. Shopping with Victoria Beckham? *Yawn*

9. When David was hungover and got his hair did by Harper.

10. And when he'd got over that earring phase so Harper decided to remind him what he was missing with a pretty drop pair. 

11. That time Victoria gave some of Harper's clothes to charity shop and people freaked because they wanted them so much. (She was three.)

12. When she was papped being carried with a bow in her tiny hair and bows on her tiny shoes, in a 100% fashion fabulous coat.

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