Gary Lineker... In His Pants #GreatestSportingEventEver

Gary Lineker... In His Pants #GreatestSportingEventEver
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So, one of the greatest events in UK sporting history just happened.

Yes ladies, Gary Lineker presented Match of the Day... in his pants. You heard that correctly. That’s Gary Lineker, in his pants, for all and sundry to see.

Football legend, punditry aficionado and all-round nice bloke Gary Lineker made a thinly veiled threat last season via Twitter about presenting Match of the Day — in his smalls — should Leicester City win the 2016 Premier League.

Well, guess what happened folks. Leicester City did indeed become Premier League champs, and the silver fox presenter was suddenly being called upon to strip down to his scanties as per his promise.

‘It's been quite fun,’ Gary told the BBC in May.

‘I did the tweet knowing categorically that there was zero chance of Leicester continuing on the line they were going to win the league. I was spectacularly wrong, but I'm so glad I was.’

When InStyle's Deputy Editor Emily asked Gary over this summer what aspect of stripping down to his smalls he was most nervous about he replied with customary Gary cheekiness... 'come on, what do you think I'm most nervous about?'

And when did it dawn on him he'd have to do it? 'When the prime minster announces you should do it during PMQ's I don't really think you have a choice do you?' 

Gary also revealed to Emily that he'd be hitting the gym, but then quickly pointed out:  'I do always work out anyway you know'.

(We know Gary. Calm down. This we can confirm to be true. Mr L has an impressive gym in his house)

And now the time has actually come, and Gary Lineker's pants have become a bona fide social media phenomenon. People (mainly ladies with no vested interest in the footie) were setting their alarms in time to catch the main event, and we here at InStyle Towers were 100% team Gary's Pants.

But what kind of undies did Gary wear? Calvin Kleins? A firm pair of M&S briefs? 

If you were hoping for tighty whities or a snug pair of budgie smugglers, we're sorry to disappoint, but Gary went for a classy pair of white boxers from Sunspel London, with bespoke embroidery from Hand & Lock London. 

So in case you aren't over Match of the Day, here's some trés chic vintage pictures of Gary Lineker, in his pants. Because why the devil not?


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