We Photoshopped Gareth Bale On To Things That Rhyme With His Name

We Photoshopped Gareth Bale On To Things That Rhyme With His Name

Gareth Bale rhymes with, well, a lot

Gareth Bale is the Welsh professional football player who’s determined to make the man-bun cool again, and to be honest, we think he’s succeeding.

After Wales’ storming Euros success (well, they made it pretty far), we’re taking a lot more notice of Gareth and his new-gen Beckham tresses – especially considering what he used to look like…

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Gareth started out in Cardiff with football history in his family (his uncle is Cardiff City player Chris Pike) and kicked off his football career aged 9. Since then, he’s bounced from Southampton to Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid and Wales, with his eye on taking home the Euros 2016 Cup. If you hadn’t noticed his locks, you’ll probably recognise his ‘love’ goal celebration, which he’s trademarked back in 2011. It looks a little something like this:



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Gareth actually started using the ‘love’ celebration as a gesture to his new fiancée in the crowd, Emma Rhys-Jones. The couple met as teens and have been together ever since, with two daughters, Alba Violet and Nava Valentina. Gareth even had to bail (ooh, that rhymes…) on a match minutes before kick-off, as Emma went into labour with Alba. Very good choice, Gareth.

All this aside, we couldn’t help but notice that Gareth Bale’s last name rhymes with Wales, hus club name. And that it also rhymes with snail. And jail. That made us laugh (a lot) - and then we did this…   

1. Gareth Whale

2. G-mail

3. Gareth Snail

4. Gareth Jail

5. Gareth Rail

6. Gareth Airmail

7. Gareth Cocktail

8. Gareth Veil

9. Gareth Scales

And then there’s just Gareth Male…

Speaking of footballers with great hair, it looks like Zayn Malik’s hair has been taking inspiration from Mr David Beckham.

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