Felicity Jones' Best Red Carpet Looks Of All Time EVER

Felicity Jones' Best Red Carpet Looks Of All Time EVER
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Will Felicity Jones has evert a fashion foot wrong? Our verdict - no. Here's our pick of her best looks to date...

Felicity Jones is arguably the hottest Brit actress to hit our screens since Kate Winslet tried to throw herself off the front of the Titanic.

Ticking every box of our beloved Brit actresses (Kiera Knightley and Carey Mulligan we’re looking at you), Felicity Jones has got it all. #seriousgirlcrushalert.

Classy brunette locks? Tick. Pale and interesting? Tick. Used to start in our fave childhood TV show The Worst Witch. Tick.  Insanely good acting skills? Triple tick.

Working her way through more than a handful of Oscar winning movies in the past few years (if you haven’t seen The Theory Of Everything yet, then brag those tissues and prepare for tears - this one’s a weeper), Felicity Jones has just landed the mothership. Yup, we’re talking Star Wars.

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Starring as Jyn in the new spin off series Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Felicity is following in newcomer Daisy Ridley’s shoes (or should we say desert boots?) and taking on the lead role in the latest sci-fi instalment.

On camera she might be a total badass, but when it comes to the red carpet, Felicity Jones has got serious class. We’re talking everything from a full-skirted Dior number  with a cheeky parted fringe, to ankle length ballerina style tulle Valentino and an edgy braid. Don’t even get us started on that black glitzy Burberry column gown. Hello red carpet goals.

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To celebrate our love of all things Felicity, we’ve rounded up her all time best red carpet looks for you to trawl through to your heart’s content. What better way to spend a chilly Winter evening on the sofa?

You can thank us later.

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