Elle Fanning's Fabulous Style Transformation

Elle Fanning's Fabulous Style Transformation
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Elle Fanning is the girl of the moment...

Elle Fanning is EVERYWHERE right now, and it isn’t hard to see why this youngster is turning heads in both the acting and the fashion world.

Of course, being the younger sister of massively successful child actress Dakota Fanning was always going to get you noticed in Hollywood, especially when Elle (aged just three years old!), appeared as Dakota’s younger sister in films such as I Am Sam and the mini series Taken. It was evident from the start that Elle was going to follow in her famous sister’s footsteps.

After a slew of lauded children’s roles, Elle finally began landing more and more challenging jobs as she approached her teenage years. A small part alongside Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and then later a starring role in Sofia Coppola’s 2010 indie flick Somewhere earned Elle bona fide red carpet status, which continued to snowball with later roles in films such as Super 8 and Maleficent.

Throughout this incredible journey (Elle is only 18, amazingly), the younger Fanning sister has created an ethereal and stylish red carpet persona that appears fashionably wise beyond her years. Championing designers such as Miu Miu and Chanel, Elle’s style bridges the gap between kooky teen and wide-eyed ingénue, and her effortless glamour harkens back to the famous starlets of the silent era.

Not only do we love Elle’s fairy-like and whimsical red carpet sensibility, but her off-duty style is continually upping her signature style game. ‘70s boho chic fused with a flower girl edge coins Ms Fanning’s street threads perfectly, and don’t even get us started on this girl’s shoe game.

So, because we think she’s absolutely gorgeous, here are Elle Fanning’s greatest style moments. From cute lil’ sister to Met Ball glamour, this girl is only at the start of her style transformation. We look forward to many, many more...

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