Eddie Redmayne + Hannah Bagshawe's Cutest EVER Moments <3 <3 <3

Eddie Redmayne + Hannah Bagshawe's Cutest EVER Moments &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3
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Those cute looks on the red carpet, the little arm squeezes and the kisses on the head - ultimate #relationshipgoals

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe are one of - if not our actual – favourite couples in the industry.

Obviously there’s Brangelina and Amal and George, but there’s something very sweet about the fact that Hannah and Eddie met back in their school days and that she’s in PR.

Eddie revealed how they met and it wasn’t, as is often thought, that they met in a professional setting or that Hannah was Eddie’s publicist. In fact, it was WAY cuter – quite a Will and Kate story, actually.

While Eddie was at Eton, his class put on a charity fashion show which Hannah, who was in a nearby girl’s school at the time, watched from the audience. Eddie had to walk across the stage topless – ‘I was this pasty, freckly guy and when I came on the girls in the audience didn’t take much notice of me, but I was followed by the best-looking boy in the school and all the girls erupted in cheers, which was emotionally scarring! – and then he met Hannah at a party afterwards. After years of friendship, their relationship began when he was making Les Miserables and he invited her to go to Florence.

He said: ‘‘Before I went, Hannah and I were on a sort of date — we’d been good friends for 12 years — and we had a wonderful evening and I suddenly said, 'You don’t want to come to Florence with me next week, do you?' She said, 'That’s absurd, you don’t mean it.' I said, 'Yes I do!'' ...They really couldn’t be sweeter.

Actually, turns out they could – not only is Hannah supportive of Eddie, turning out at ALL the awards ceremonies (even now she’s pregnant!), she also helps him pick his outfits out as he’s colourblind! So REALLY Hannah should be getting some of that ‘best dressed’ credit. Kudos.

As well as CUTE red carpet pics, they’re so sweet about each other. Eddie has been gushing about his pregnant wife non STOP at the moment. Here are out favourite soundbites:

1. ‘She is an absolute wonder. Because the work I do is all encompassing, when I am prepping for it she is a massive part of that. It is so lovely to do it as a team’ – on her supporting him

2. ‘I saw Hannah across the room at a party afterwards and she was very beautiful and very funny and she loves the arts and theatre just as I do, so we became friends’ – on how they first met

3. ‘I want to thank my family and you Hannah, my wife. I love you so much’ – when he won the Best Actor Oscar

4. ‘Those red carpets can be so intimidating […] Having your partner there means the world’ – on Hannah attending awards with him

And we sure there’s much more where that came from!

Check out their cutest moments – from the early days to red carpet regulars (and new parents!)…

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