Debbie Harry: The Ultimate (Atomic) Blondie Bombshell

Debbie Harry: The Ultimate (Atomic) Blondie Bombshell
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Debbie Harry = the dream *all kneel*

Debbie Harry...

Oh Debs, Debs, Debs. You absolute dream.

Ever since Deborah Ann Harry burst into the music scene’s ‘70s collective consciousness fronting new wave band Blondie, the course of history was changed forever.

Never had there been a woman so instantly iconic, so followed, so adored, so… blonde.

Fusing punky sass with a delicate high-cheekboned beauty, Debbie Harry became known for her fabulous stage costumes and her off-duty ‘I’m with the band’ cool. Leather jackets slung over faded tees and spandex catsuits became signature Debs style territory, and of course, let’s not forget THAT hair. Debbie Harry made roots fashionable. Fact.

Our favourite Debs fash moment has to be the dress from the Heart of Glass video (sorry it isn’t in the gallery Blondie fans…we couldn’t get the pic) – the Holy Grail of gowns. The dress we coveted as Debbie-obsessed teens hopelessly beaching our hair in the vain hope that we’d achieve that level of fierce. It still is THE dress, and probably always will be.


And don’t even get us started on ‘80s Debs. The power dressing. The fusion style. The power blush. Debbie Harry kept her style game rolling well into the decade.

Whatever ‘it’ is that someone needs to become a superstar, Debbie Harry had (and still has) it in spades, and so to celebrate her birthday we’ve collected some of her very best style moments for you to swoon over.

Ladies and gents, may we present the one, the only, Debbie Harry. We are SO not worthy.

*all kneel*

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