They Grew Up?! What The Stars Of Your Favourite Christmas Films Look Like Now

They Grew Up?! What The Stars Of Your Favourite Christmas Films Look Like Now

Everyone’s weirdly obsessed with knowing what child actors have grown up to look like… Yes, us too

There’s a few things that are pretty much cert about child actors - and one of them is people will be surprised with whatever they grow up to look like.

This is how it usually plays out: ‘This is that person in that film’... ‘No way’, ‘They look so different!’. We've all been there (and done it), as if we expect a child actor to just stay that age forever and ever.

'Tis the season for Christmas films, so we decided to look back at what the stars of our favourite Christmas films look like now…

Taylor Momsen In The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, 2000

Taylor is one of the child stars who stayed in the public eye, thanks to Gossip Girl (remember Jenny?), and now fronts rockband The Pretty Reckless. But, she's changed so much you'd be forgiven for not recognising little Cindy-Lou...

Yuh, we know. #rebel

Eric Lloyd In The Santa Clause, 1994

The Santa Clause first came out in 1994 so it's not that surprising Charlie Calvin changed over the trilogy, but still - that lip ring though.

Macaulay Culkin In Home Alone, 1990

He's pretty much the Christmas child star of our time - who doesn't picture Kevin from Home Alone when you're deciding which Christmas film to watch? But, as we know, Macaulay grew up up, dated Mila Kunis and now he plays in a band called The Pizza Underground.

We're so confused by that jacket-shirt hybrid.

Daniel Tay In Elf, 2003

He was pretty darned endearing playing Michael, the young boy who quite fairly finds it pretty embarrassing when his half-brother comes to stay and he's dressed as an elf, and since then he's carried on with acting and doing voiceovers for video games.

That's no face for video games!

Peter Billingsley In A Christmas Story, 1983

This is one hell of a transformation (a.k.a he became an adult).

Juliette Lewis And Johnny Galecki In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, 1989

They played siblings in the iconic Christmas film and have been in the business since. Juliette's best-known role was in Cape Fear, though we really rated Starsky & Hutch, she now fronts the band Juliette And The Licks. Johnny is now known for his part in The Big Bang Theory.

Yeh, he's that guy!

Thomas Sangster In Love Actually, 2003

That cute little guy, Sam, has grown up into a fully fledged actor, with parts in some cool cult films including Some Dogs Bite, Death Of A Superhero, Bright Star and Nowhere Boy.

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