Chloë Sevigny's Style Evolution

Chloë Sevigny's Style Evolution
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Long may she dazzle us...

We’ve always had a special thing for Chloe Sevigny and her unique sense of style. Part East Village grunger, part Studio 54 disco diva, Chloe is a rare A-list breed – she wears what she likes, how she likes it. In a world where so many celebrities are professionally groomed by a closet of behind-the-scenes stylists, that’s a beautiful thing.

Take her recent Cannes outing, for instance: who else could pull off a Chanel floral appliqué gown that makes them look like a little less Coco – and a little more Bo Beep? Ever since she was discovered on a New York sidewalk in the early nineties she’s combined experimental films with equally experimental outfits. The actress first got our attention in controversial nineties film Kids and we've worshipped her as a fashion icon ever since.

And although she’s evolved from street-style urchin to high-end brand ambassador over the decades, she’s never lost her edge. As Marc Jacobs once noted of Sevigny in 2001: "The fashion world is fascinated by her. Because not only is she talented, young and attractive, she stands out in a sea of often clichéd looking actresses.”

Over the years the actress has cited Australian film Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) as a major style influence - and it shows in her wardrobe. A penchant for elaborate Victorian dressing means that vintage clothing will always get her vote. But it's her canny ability to mix up said vintage with couture labels - such as Chanel and Miu Miu - that really makes the star stand out in a crowd.

Long may she dazzle us. Let's take a look at some of her most iconic looks...

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