Celebrities Before They Were Famous: The Best #Throwback Pics

Celebrities Before They Were Famous: The Best #Throwback Pics
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Ever wondered what your favourite celebrities looked like before they rose to fame? Look no further than our round-up of celebrity pictures from before they were famous...

Celebrities before they were famous; whether it’s the style transformation, the brand new hair colour or the completely different face (we’re not putting money on why that is…), before and after transformations are always fun to look at. And now, thanks to social media’s love of Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays, there’s a lot more celebrity photos of A-listers when they were young than there used to be.

We're rounded up these pictures of supermodels, actors, reality stars and singers as children, from the super-sweet to the who-IS-that?! Some of these celebrities haven’t changed much at all, others have grown up in front of the camera, but the most interesting group? The ones you don’t recognise one bit.

They’re usually a little bit older, and took their school photos in a time before Instagram and Twitter. But now, there’s no escaping the past, as everyone from their childhood friends, family and even themselves are sharing the throwback pictures. We’re looking at you Kate Moss, Orlando Bloom and Daniel Craig.

From Cheryl, Cara Delevingne and Harry Styles, as adorable, cheeky-faced kids, to Jessica Alba, Ryan Gosling and Claire Danes at the start of their careers, we’ve got the whole of the A-list covered – with more to come on a weekly basis, thanks to #tbt and #fbf. We’re keeping a careful eye on Instagram so you don’t have to.

Our favourites so far? We’re so glad Taylor Swift can make fun of her younger self, and Kim Kardashian isn’t shy about sharing her early selfies, either. Ruby Rose looks literally unrecognisable, and Krysten Ritter?! You need to see this one to believe it.  We’re still a little scared by Heidi Klum, if we’re honest…

So from the 80s floral frocks to the 90s perms, take a peek at these celebrity pictures to play guess who and spot them before they were famous...

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