Ink Inspiration From The A-List: Have You Seen These Celebrity Tattoos?

Ink Inspiration From The A-List: Have You Seen These Celebrity Tattoos?
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Celebrity tattoos are always fun to look at; whether they're bold designs or, our favourites, those out-of-sight secret inkings, we've rounded up the best designs to take inspo from now

Celebrity tattoos can be big or small, out-of-sight or in your face, but either way, we can’t stop taking ink inspo from our favourite famous tattoos.

Kylie Jenner is leading the new trend for tiny ink designs, with mini red tattoos inked across her hips and arms. Kendall opted for white designs (including twinning with Hailey Baldwin). Lea Michele followed with two teeny (but hugely meaningful) tattoos dedicated to her late beau, Corey Monteith.

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On the other hand, Cheryl’s huge rose tattoo made headlines when it was unveiled on Instagram – even more so when current boyfriend Liam Payne revealed a very similar floral inking on his hand. Lady Gaga, Adam Levine and Ellie Goulding also went pretty big with their latest inkings – we don’t know how they handled it...

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While most of these celebs hit up A-list tattoo artists Dr Woo or Bang Bang, some take to the needle themselves (Cara Delevingne, we’re looking at you and Margot Robbie). That’s a pretty major friendship milestone… We’ve even been fooled by the likes of Zayn and Ed Sheeran, who posted pictures of their crazy new tattoos online, only to later spill that they were 100% fake. PHEW.  

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So from David Beckham getting tattooed with Harper’s cute drawings to Kendall Jenner’s white-ink Instagram reveals, we’ve rounded up every celebrity tattoo you’ll be pinning to your mental moodboard in the very near future.

Are you due to get a tattoo? Let us know if these celebrity styles inspired your inking, and show us your new artwork on Instagram.

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