#PropertyPorn: 33 Celebrity Homes That'll Make You Weep With Envy

#PropertyPorn: 33 Celebrity Homes That'll Make You Weep With Envy
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From the Kardashians to Taylor Swift, take a look inside the most BEAUTIFUL celebrity homes...

It goes without saying that we ALL love a good dose of property porn - but, lets face it, what we all want to see is the inside of our favourite celebrity homes, and not just random pads on Rightmove.

From state-of-the-art kitchens that put Michelin star restaurants in the shade and lavish living rooms that are the ultimate lounging dream, to the coolest infinity pools and the most sprawling of grounds, there’s nothing we love more than getting a sneak peek inside the homes of the rich and famous. Let's not even talk about those four poster beds and sheepskin rugs. One day, one day...

Whether you’re a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan or a Taylor Swift enthusiast, we’ve got all of your voyeur needs covered with our ultimate celebrity homes gallery, which features every famous house of note. Selena Gomez's Pinterest worthy garden? Dreamy! Amy Schumer's slanted book case? Ikea, we're coming for you. And let's not even mention Gigi's master staircase... With everything from in-house cinemas, personal beauty salons and HUGE walk-in wardrobes, there’s no expense spared on these houses, is there?

While the massive square footage is a given, we’re also in awe of the beyond stunning interiors of these A-list pads — roll top baths come as standard, as well as marble worktops, oodles of high-end furniture, super-expensive art hanging on every wall and more flat-screen TVs than you could shake a remote at – natch – every one of these houses is dripping in luxury, and we can't say we're not jealous.

Here’s your AAA pass to snoop around the homes of top celebs - just take a look at these celebrity home pictures from London, the UK and the US. You know, minus the risk of getting slapped with a restraining order.

Enjoy! And if you're still left wanting more, check out these celebrity walk-in wardrobes, plus the celebrity homes on Airbnb you can rent now.