Celebrity Halloween Make-up: From The Super-Scary To The Date-Appropriate

Celebrity Halloween Make-up: From The Super-Scary To The Date-Appropriate
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Stuck for Halloween make-up ideas? Here's the inspiration you need...

Halloween is the PERFECT excuse to go all out on the make-up (and the costume) front. It only comes around once a year so get your make-up brushes and creative fingers at the ready because we have some seriously hot beauty inspiration from the celeb clan right here.

From simple spooky details, to full face makeovers, the downright quirky to the traditional, these celebs have done it all. Kim Kardashian fully embraced the signature skeletal look last year with a deathly-looking white face and black accents, yet somehow Queen K still manages to make it look sexy?!  Lily Allen scrapped tradition and went for the green Alien/Grinch/Avatar/Shrek-alike face paint, as did Brooke Shields with her Uncle Fester lightbulb-in-mouth-and-swimming-cap comical makeover.

Gemma Arterton channelled the simple Hallows' Eve look at the UNICEF Halloween Ball, showcasing a statement metallic eye. Lauren Laverne followed suit with a spider web motif on her right eye, proving there’s a red carpet-worthy look out there for make-up novices or camera shy. Michelle Trachtenberg fully embraced ‘dead doll’ - cracks, lashes, lips and all - while Sandra Bullock pulled out all the stops with her corpse bride transformation.

If you’re looking for a more date-appropriate look then Zoe Sugg’s your girl with her blood-red lip and false eyelashes take on ‘glamour puss’. Or, you could just go ‘cutesy pink princess’ like Rita Ora…

One not to go without a mention is the super chilling Black Swan, modelled by Natalie Portman - those eyes are enough to send shivers down our spine!

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