Celebrity Engagement Rings: The Most Jaw-Dropping A-List Sparklers

Celebrity Engagement Rings: The Most Jaw-Dropping A-List Sparklers
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From Scarlett Johansson's Art Deco diamond sparkler to Kate Middleton's heirloom sapphire, we chart the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings of all time...

Celebrity engagement rings are always a sight to behold. Barely a week goes by in Hollywood without another celebrity couple getting engaged, with the proposal and engagement selfie swiftly posted on Instagram. At least, that's what it feels like anyway...

Whether they take to Instagram or Twitter to show off their new sparkling rocks to the world, or they simply turn up to the red carpet with a new rock in tow (we're looking at you, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), there's nothing we love more than to gawk at celebrity engagement rings – especially when they rack up as many carats as these brides-to-be.

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From Scarlett Johansson's Art Deco sparkler and Kim Kardashian's super-expensive diamond, to Kate Middleton's heirloom sapphire and Olivia Wilde's emerald-edged stone, no two celebrity engagement rings are the same. Especially not Kim’s, which was custom designed for her by Kanye West and jeweller Lorraine Schwartz.

When it comes to scale, as a general rule of thumb, bigger is always better in the celebrity engagement ring stakes. Blake Lively and Julianne Hough can count themselves as having two of the largest diamonds in the biz, while Jennifer Aniston's rock eclipses the rest – or at least it used to, before Nicki Minaj came along. Nicki hasn’t yet confirmed whether boyfriend Meek Mill has popped the question, but with two (yes, two) very suspicious – and HUGE – sparklers on that finger, we’re hoping to see a Pink Friday wedding in 2016. 

The one we can’t tear our eyes away from? Iggy Azalea’s yellow heart-shaped sparkler. Subtle is definitely not the word.

So whether you’re engaged yourself, hoping to be soon or just want to take a peek at some gorgeous jewellery, take a look at the celebrity engagement rings that are worth more than we're ever likely to earn in our lifetimes. These, ladies, are the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings of all time... 

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