Celebrity Doppelgangers: 14 Normal People Who Look Like Celebrities

Celebrity Doppelgangers: 14 Normal People Who Look Like Celebrities
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These celebrity doppelgangers will make you do a double take

Celebrity doppelgangers can be good, bad or downright WTF, but every once in a while, a famous look a like takes over the Internet and stops us in our tracks.

We’re not talking about a one-off picture taken at just the right angle either – we mean the kind of look a likes where every single selfie makes us question who the real Kim Kardashian is.  

If they weren’t Instafamous already, anyone #blessed enough to look like an A-lister soon racks up an impressive social media following – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Swedish doppelganger is now on 233k Instagram followers,  while Angelina Jolie-a-like Mara Teigen is nearly at 570k. Looking like Angelina clearly works when it comes to Insta-notoriety, as Veronika Black found out – the model has 1.6million followers.

Taylor Swift’s red lip, classic look has hoards of blondes staking a claim on doppelganger status, but it was one woman’s grandmother that took the crown. Tay even helped another of her doppelganger fans to overcome bullies, who told the Swift-alike she was too thin. 

There’s even a growing number of celebrity doppelganger hybrids – Spanish model David Carrer is the spitting image of Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber’s possible but non-existent lovechild, with his tanned skin and gorgeous eyes.

Like we said, celebrity doppelgangers can be actually pretty awful, but don’t worry – we’ve weeded out the best and forgot the rest. While some of these contributions came from the public (not every A-list look alike is a model), they’re still good ones - prepare to be stopped in your tracks…

While these normal people who look like celebrities might not have to try very hard, can you believe this Instagram transformation of a man who expertly turns himself into every Kardashian? You won’t believe it.

Have we missed any celebrity doppelgangers? Let us know below!

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