16 Fabulously Festive Celebrity Christmas Trees

16 Fabulously Festive Celebrity Christmas Trees
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Celebrity Christmas trees always look just that tiny bit better than our dusty decorations, so steal some festive inspo from these A-list evergreens

Celebrity Christmas trees are totally over the top, and we love them for it. While our trees look a little…lopsided, with dusty decorations and trailing tinsel, the A-list pull out all the stops for their festive foliage, Instagramming oversized baubles, edible candy cane decorations and snow-dusted branches.

Giving us a peek into their Christmas preparations, celebrities have been posting pictures of their masterpieces all over social media to spread the festive cheer. But we’re noticing five distinct decorating divides forming…

1. The Traditional. Striped red bows, gold glitter baubles, clear fairy lights and a REAL Christmas tree, of course. Traditionalists have their tree up on the 1st December, with beautifully wrapped presents piled neatly underneath.
2. The OTT. Kris Jenner, we’re looking at you… OTT decorators go big or go home when it comes to Christmas, and that includes the size of the tree. If it’s not touching the ceiling, it’s not big enough – and why have one when you could have five?! 

3. The Colour Clash. Green Christmas trees are so 2006, don’t you know. White, pink and even black branches have been all over Instagram, with jewel toned decorations standing out against the tree. We LOVE.

4. The Designer Diva. Homemade decorations? Unless they’re couture, these tree divas aren’t interested. Kylie Jenner’s Fendi baubles are just the tip of the iceberg, and that angel on top better be dressed in this season’s trends.

5. The Mini Me. One tree for the adults, another for the kids – the trend for pint-sized Christmas trees isn’t going anywhere, with age-appropriate baubles and decorations, too. Just decide whether it’s going to go in their bedroom or next to your main evergreen. 

However they decorate, these A-list trees are giving us serious festive inspo. How are you decorating your tree? Let us know below!

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