Celebrity Casual Style: Inspiration For Your Off-Duty Wardrobe

Celebrity Casual Style: Inspiration For Your Off-Duty Wardrobe
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Steal simple casual outfit ideas from the stars who work their weekend wardrobes best...

Celebrity casual outfits are almost funner to look at than the red carpet dresses. We've all seen them glammed up at awards ceremonies and parties so it's nice to see them looking a bit more like one of us. Whether they're grabbing a coffee in LA, taking a flight in their travelling clothes or off out to a casual dinner, see what the stars wear.

From Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba who reliably opt for chic shirts and skinny jeans, to Rihanna and Gwen Stefani who favour an edgier look, like printed separates and bold jumpsuits, here are our favourite casual dressers. 

Whether you like camel coats and patent brogues or varsity jackets and boyfriend jeans, take your weekend and casual style inspiration from the best of the off-duty stars working low-key outfits on their down time. It'll make you never want to see them in a floorsweeping frock again...

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