They Have HOW Many Tiers?! The Most Extravagant Celebrity Birthday Cakes Ever

They Have HOW Many Tiers?! The Most Extravagant Celebrity Birthday Cakes Ever
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Celebrity birthday cakes put our Colin The Caterpillars to shame…

Celebrity cakes don’t come much more Instagrammable than Kylie Jenner’s birthday cake – shaped like her most famous asset (that’s her lips, by the way), the birthday treat was HUGE – and presented on a gold tray, of course.

Sure, we love seeing ALL of the A-list’s birthday celebrations, from what they’re wearing to the very generous presents they received (#blessed), but when it comes down to it, we’re always interested in the cake.

Kris Jenner celebrated her 60th birthday in true Gatsby style, and the cake was no exception – we’re talking five tiers iced in black and gold, wheeled out in front of the entire party for Kris to make her birthday wish. Did we mention the cake was taller than her?!

Kim’s pregnant birthday cake was equally extravagant, decorated with both fresh and iced white roses. Then there’s KhloMoney, with her $100 dollar bill birthday cake.

Our personal favourite might just be Chrissy Teigen, who ate a Rice Krispies cake of herself in a swimwear shoot. That cake seemed a lot tastier than Blue Ivy’s 3rd birthday sculpture, which looked like it was made of ice?! Way to disappoint a toddler, Beyonce!

Sure, Selena Gomez’s birthday cake was the size of an entire table (you need to see this to believe it), but celebs do know how to keep things low-key, too. Britney Spears kept things cute with an English tea party themed cake, Caroline Flack was all about the Wispa and even Kourtney Kardashian kept things clean and minimal with a white chocolate cake… in Iceland (the country, not the supermarket).

Mouths. Watering. Celebrities really can have their cake and eat it too – as long as it’s sugar free. Click through to see all of the wildest celebrity cakes ever, from Kylie Jenner to Victoria Beckham…

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