Celebrities Without Makeup: Barefaced And Still Totally Beautiful

Celebrities Without Makeup: Barefaced And Still Totally Beautiful
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Celebrities without makeup - how do they look before the Glam Squad get to them? AMAZING as it turns out...

Celebrities without makeup? We're used to seeing them in full, baked, contour and highlight with a glossy, bouncy blow dry, even at 9am on a Monday morning. With Glam Squads on call 24/7 and enough make-up to make even Kim Kardashian say ‘STOP’, it’s not often we see the A-list looking any less than their very best. But thanks to Instagram Stories, Snapchat and even the odd Twitter picture, your favourite celebrities are showing off the skin they’re in and going barefaced and totally filter-free.

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The no make-up selfie has taken social media by storm, and on a daily basis we're given a behind-the-scenes look at what celebrities without makeup really look like. Spoiler alert: they still look beyond beautiful. But without a scrap of foundation, no flick of eyeliner and no Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, the message their sending out to all their followers is simple — you don't need makeup to look gorgeous. 

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Whether they’re just chilling out on their sofa and felt like posting a selfie, or are making more of a political statement with their make-up free look (Alicia Keys, we salute you), A-listers are even ditching cosmetics offline. Red-carpet appearances, daily life, photoshoots... Celebrities aren’t shy of showing off their healthy visages without all the make-up tricks.

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So, from Cheryl's towel selfie to Gwyneth’s typical make-up free selfie, if a celebrity decides to go without make-up, you'll find them here. Who knows, maybe they'll inspire you to leave the make-up bag at home tomorrow. Never before have the words 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' meant so much...  

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