She’s a pop princess of the digital age and began her music career posting videos of herself singing on YouTube (a la Justin Bieber.) The Guam native (Guam is an American island in the Northwest of the Pacific) has come a long way since covering Bieber and Sarah Brightman tracks six years ago. Now, she’s racking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube (she currently boasts more than 215,000 subscribers and her videos have more than 23 million views) has more than four million Instagram followers and is an incredibly active presence on Twitter. In other words? She’s on the verge of smashing it.

Unlike pal Kylie, 19-year-old Pia’s from humble beginnings. She has said: "My music career has been a family career project. I'm very proud of being able to come from Guam but I left everything for this. My mom left everything behind, and my dad and her had to make a long distance relationship work. I didn't come to LA with money...I came out here with nothing. My mom and I lived on about $10 a day for a while. We lived in a studio apartment, and I never had friends come over—I didn't have a sleepover for the first four years I was out here.”

At her first one, she made a BFF. She and Kylie bonded on their first slumber party; Kylie asked her to sing her to sleep. “Our first sleepover... it was funny,” she said in a recent interview. “ We were going to sleep and she asked me to sing her to sleep. So it was nice being around her because she always encouraged me to sing. It became my thing.”

She once impressed man-of-the-moment Drake by covering his hit Going Home at a Kardashian family dinner. Standard.

You’ll know her via the 2015 summer anthem Let’s Do It Again with Chris Brown and Tyga (Kylie’s ex) and now Boys & Girls with

Her style is a mix of street  - she toughens up her look with a bandana - and high end. Meanwhile, she’s on Madonna’s radar: she’s just been named Fashion Director on her Material Girl range. Understated she ‘aint.

She looks the part but crucially has the pipes to match; the girl can sing. Think Mariah Carey or Arianne Grande. Proper. Bow down accordingly.

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