The Total Cost Of Those Oscars Dresses Was HOW MUCH?

The Total Cost Of Those Oscars Dresses Was HOW MUCH?

It turns out those Hollywood looks don't come cheap...

We all know that unless you're Liberty Ross rocking a dress you've worn before, then those Oscars gowns aren't exactly a bargain. But when we found out just how much they cost in total, it's fair to say we were pretty shocked. According to LookLive, a company that tracks clothing and accessories worn by celebrities, this year the total cost of the looks worn by the 20 nominees in the best leading and supporting actor roles came to a whooping $749,252. Yep, you read that correctly! 

The website that uses artifical intelligence technology to identify clothing worn by celebrities has collated last night's looks, breaking down who wore what and estimating how much it cost. In order to figure out what a one off Oscar dress or gown cost, the website compares it to a similar look from the designer. And it sure makes for some interesting stats. According to LookLive, the most popular brand the stars chose to wear to the ceremony was Giorgio Armani who dressed Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts and Russell Crowe. Coming in second place was Dior who dressed names including Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron while the least popular was Calvin Klein who focused on Saoirse Ronan. However, we reckon the amount of attention she got in that gorgeous green beaded gown more than made up for it. 




The company also found out that the female nominees look cost on average $72,000 each while the male nominees came in at a much lower $2486 each. 

Check out the infographic below for the full breakdown...


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