Night Serums And Sheet Masks - What We Can Learn From Diddy's Beauty Regime

Night Serums And Sheet Masks - What We Can Learn From Diddy's Beauty Regime

Who would have thought that we'd be taking beauty tips from Diddy...

Sean John Combs AKA Puff Daddy/ Diddy/ P. Diddy describes himself as a rapper, record producer, actor, entrepreneur but we reckon he can now add beauty guru to the list too. Speaking to Into The Gloss, the 45 year old explained how he never comprimises his skincare routine, even after late nights partying with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. 'My skincare routine is mainly at night, just before I go to bed. I wash my face, and I like putting hydrating night serums on—things meant for rejuvenation. I like the Nars Skin line. I use their Optimal Brightening Concentrate and have not skipped a night since I bought it, no matter how late I get home.' Impressive non? I mean sometimes we're just pleased when we manage to use a face wipe pre shuteye never mind a serum. Diddy also never breaks the H20 rule saying: 'I also drink a big bottle of Aqua Hydrate before bed. You have to hydrate from the inside out.' 

But as regular followers of his Instagram account will know Diddy's skincare routine doesn't stop there, he is also a massive fan of masks. 'There’s a sheet mask I had on at a facial recently—I looked like the Boogie Man. Or maybe a mummy? No, I looked like Jason! I collect them—no, really! My bathroom is filled with so many different toiletries, so every night is a different experience.' 


However, it's Diddy's shower routine that has us really intrigued. Being an international superstar, Diddy doesn't really have a typical 9-5 lifestyle, instead he starts his day at 9pm, then drinks his coffee or takes a really long shower. So far, so normal. But Diddy then goes on to say that post-shower he airs dry -yep, we know, we're also thinking doesn't that get a bit chilly, and what about the floor, surely that's a slipping hazard - but we guess when you live in a multi-million mansion these worries are slightly less obvious. In the midst of his air-drying routine Diddy says that this is also his time for misting; 'I think fragrance is a very important part of my getting-ready ritual because it's what people remember most about you. I like to mist myself with 3AM right out of the shower, so I can really soak in the scent.' 


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